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Shopping in Xian

Xian, the gateway from northwest area to central China, is a famous tourist city in this county. Its close cultural and geographical contact with the northwest area renders it the biggest commercial and trade center in the northwest part of China. The tourist products here are unique in style and various in kind. We believe that you can not only feast your eyes on a great many scenic spots and historic sites but can collect a large number of exquisite souvenirs.

Main Shopping Areas

-Wenbaozhai Store and Cloisonne Store
Both are at Yanta Road. Wenbaozhai deals mainly in replicas of terracotta warriors of the Qin Dynasty, tiles of the Qin and Han Dynasties, tri-colored glaze potter of the Tang Dynasty and rubbings from stone and it currently sells calligraphy and paintings of celebrities, replicas of old paintings, hand scrolls and albums, four treasures of the study, metal of stone seals, colored figurines and filmstrips. Cloisonne Store deals mainly in cloisonné and gold jewelries. They both adopt the style of "store in the front and worshop at the back". Visitors can buy handicrafts and at the same time have a look at the working process.

-Xi'an Century Ginwa Shopping Center
Located in the well-known Drum and Bell Tower Square of Xi'an, the shopping center covers an area of 30,000 square meters on two floors underground and has a collection of 100,000 brands of goods both at home and abroad. It has drawn dozens of world famous brands into Xi'an for the first time. It also boasts a low-price section, Chinese and western restaurants, recreational facilities, big supermarkets and teahouses for relaxation.

Famous Streets

-Dongdajie Street
Among the four streets radiating from the Bell Tower, Dongdajie Street is the busiest one. To the particular, there lines rows of shops, among which are some specialized stores and time-honored shops, such as Tangcheng Plaza, Qianjin Shoes and Hats Store, Northwest Glasses Firm and Hengdeli Watch Shop.
Address: to the east of the Bell Tower, Xian City

-Beiyuanmen Tourist Commodities Street
It is the biggest of its kind in Xian and has a collection of more than 50 souvenir stores.
Address: to the north of the Drum Tower, Xian City

-Kangfu Road Wholesale Market
The one-kilometer-long Kangfu Road Wholesale Market is the biggest comprehensive fair trade market in the northwest part of China. It radiates as many as 23 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Traders from all over the country come here to sell or buy medicinal herbs, fur goods, garments, agricultural and side-line products, and other groceries, making the street crowed all day long.
Address: Middle Changle Road, Xian City

-Shuyuanmen Old-Style Street
It is a Ming-Qing Dynasty Street restored in the architectural style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties of some three or four hundred years ago. Visitors can feast their eyes along the street on stores and shops of ancient books, ceramics, metal or stone wares, rubbings, calligraphy and paintings and four treasures of the study.
Address: Nanmenli, Xi'an City

-Business pedestrian Street of Luomashi
As the best representative of the cultural character of Xi'an and special scenic view, it is a perfect combination of tourism, leisure, shopping, and entertainment.
Address: Luomashi, Xi'an

Recommended Commodities
Replicas of bronze wares, Qin Dynasty antiques, tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty are made purely in the old method and are almost the same with the real ones. Among those with strong Chinese traditional flavor and local character of the ancient city are rubbings of ancient tiles, works of famous calligraphers in various dynasties, Qin embroidery, artistic porcelain, lacquer wares, jade carvings, cloisonné, paper-cuts, leather-silhouette, replicas of Tang Dynasty murals, and farmers' paintings of Huxian County.

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