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Shopping in Chengdu

As the capital city, located on the west Sichuan Plain, the hinterland of so-called the'Nature's Storehouse', Chengdu possesses not only unbounded rich fields, but also mountains and valleys, what's more, the renowned Wolong Giant Panda Nature Reserve settles here. Besides admiring home some exquisite specialties from Chunxi Road and Yanshikou commercial district, where are the most prosperous districts in Chengdu, one may appreciate everything of this city, large or small.

Main Shopping Areas

-Parkson Shopping Center
Parkson Shopping Center mainly deals in clothes in vogue, as well as of famous brands, general merchandise and electrical home appliances, etc.
Transport: Take Bus Nos. 4, 5, 54, 93, 98.

-Renhe Spring Department Store
Renhe Spring Department Store, a large modernized shopping mall, mainly deals in women and men's clothes in vogue as well as world-famous brands.
Transport: Take Bus Nos. 58, 78, 81.

-Songxianqiao Curio Art City
Songxianqiao Curio Art City, the largest market of arts and crafts in southwestern China, with buildings characterized by style of Ming and Qing Dynasties, integrates shopping, appraisal of antiques, exhibition of folk customs and civilian residences, and recreational activities.
Address: No. 22 North Huanhua Road

-Zhuge Liang's Temple Heng Street
Dozens of stores which mainly deals in ethnic handicrafts and other commodities with Tibetan characteristics line up on the street and you can pick out some special knickknacks with strong religious flavor.

-Lotus Pool Market
Lotus Pool Market is a large comprehensive wholesale market which demonstrates a diversified economy and management and categories of goods, an overall service system and attracts businessmen from various regions. Both its scale and profits rank first among fair trade markets in southwestern China.
Address: Dongyi Road, North Railway Station

-Recommended Commodities
One of "China's four great brocades" - Sichuan brocade and one of "China's four great embroideries" - Sichuan embroidery are available in Chengdu. Vases, coffee sets, flower sets and bowls are of porcelain body woven by bamboo that you will not let them out of your hand. Silver filament handiwork is magnificent as well as the silk carpets, tapestries and carpets from Qingcheng. Moreover, the distinguished Quanxiang Distilled Liquor and thick broad-bean sauce of Pixian County - indispensable main seasoning as cooking authentic Sichaun cuisine cannot be forgotten. Those specialities are available in South Huanhua Road, Huazhaocun Road, Shaanxi Street and Zhulinxiang Road.

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