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Shopping in Guilin

You will find many interesting local foods and drinks to sample, and shops filled with beautiful local craftwork and art in Guilin. Shopaholics will head straight to the main shopping districts including Zhongshan Road, Xincheng Road Pedestrian Street, Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, Bagui building, Guilin Department Store and Xiaoxianggang (Small Hong Kong) Commercial Street. These streets have shops and vendors catering to all budgets. Bargaining is usually permitted for many shops and stores along the street.

The lovely tourist city Guilin is able to offer you a unique and interesting shopping experience with its numerous small streets, fleet markets. Guilin, which means ''osmanthus forest'' in Chinese, is particularly known for its sweet-scented osmanthus products, including osmanthus tea and osmanthus wine. Some of the city's other local products (specialties) and culinary delights are Gingko, Shatian pomelo, Lipu taro, cumquat, Luo Han Guo, chufa and momordica grosvenor. And one cannot live in Guilin long without sampling the famous "Three Treasures of Guilin": Three-Flower Liquor, Guilin Fermented Bean Curd, and Guilin Chili Catsup.

When it comes to art, Guilin is known for its wonderful stone sculptures and jade sculptures depicting the stunning local landscape. A wide array of beautifully crafted local products fill the stores, including: landscape paintings, pottery, porcelain, wood and bamboo sculptures, hand-painted folding screens, boxwood combs, bamboo fine-tooth combs, Bamboo Carving Landscape Painting, Lapidarist Painting Painted fans, Paper Umbrellas and embroidered balls. Some of the best places to purchase craftwork include Guilin International Tourism Commodity Wholesale Street and Yangshou West Street.

Guilin Main Shopping Places

-Guilin International Tourist Commodities Wholesale Market
Guilin International Tourist Commodities Wholesale Market (桂林国际旅游商品批发城 guì lín guó jì lǚ yóu shāng pǐn pī fā chéng ) is also called Wayao Wholesale Market(瓦窑批发城wǎ yáo pī fā chéng) by the locals. It is located in the crossroad of the Wayao Lu and the Huangcheng Nan Er Lu, Xiangshan District. The market selling all kinds of bargain tourist souvenirs and articles for daily use.

-Guilin Niko Niko Do Plaza
Situated on the Shizijie, Guilin Niko Nilo Do Plaza (桂林微笑堂广场)has a myriad of goods from native products to electrical appliances.
Transport: Bus Nos. 1, 3, 10, 11, 14, 31, 99, 100.

-Guilin Department Store
Guilin Department Store  is located at the junction of Zhongshan Lu and Wenming Lu, a major business center in Guilin.
Transport: Bus Nos. 3, 10, 11, 16, 99, 100.

-Guilin Ziyuan Pearl Company
Located in Shanhu Bei Lu, the Ziyuan Pearl Company was established in 1974. It has four branches in Guilin. They deal in traditional Chinese paintings, jade wares, pottery, porcelain, adornments, and many art wares.
Famous Guilin Shopping Streets

-Zhengyang Road Pedestrian Street
Zhengyang Road Pedestrian Street has accumulated the most stores, which is divided by the Clock Tower-shopping district lies in the north of the street, while catering district in the south.
Address: East of the Central Square, Downtown Area

-Yangshuo West Street
Located in Yangshuo Town, the West Street stretches for 200 meters and boasts nearly a hundred stores dealing in souvenirs with ethnic characteristics and restaurants serving Chinese and western cuisines. It is a unique cultural phenomenon that most shop signs are in English and attendants can speak fluent English, while the architectural style of those stores and restaurants are classic. It is a shopping paradise for tourists.
Address: Yangshuo Town

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