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Shanghai Shopping

As China's largest economic center endowed with a long history and a rich culture, Shanghai is well-known for its cosmopolitan features and humanism. It is not only an ideal touring and sightseeing place, but also a "shopping paradise". Famous business streets and zones are Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, Huaihai Road, North Sichuan Road, Yunnan Shopping Mall, Xujiahui Shopping Mall, Zhangyanglu Shopping City in Pudong and so on. Tourists may not only enjoy shopping in world-class stores, but also buying high-quality specialties from all over China in the large-scale shopping malls.

Shanghai Main Shopping Areas

-Chia Tai Plaza
Situated on the bank of the beautiful Huangpu River and neighboring the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Jinmao Mansion, Chia Tai Plaza is a modern commercial center invested by Chia Tai Group of Thailand. With a floor space of 240,000 sq m, it includes brands, jewelry galleries, Louts Supermarket, catering area and leisure area. Hailed as the "aircraft carrier" of China's retail industry, Chia Tai Plaza is so far the largest shopping center combining shopping, catering, entertainment and leisure in China. Transport: Take Subway Line 2 to Lujiazui Stop.

-Grand Gateway Plaza
Shopping Mall Shanghai, Travel to Shanghai, Tour ChinaLocated at Xujiahui, Grand Gateway Plaza includes over 200 famous-brand shops, more than 30 food and beverage specialty stores, International Food Square with a floor area of 5,000 sq m, Fu'an Department Store, and Yongle Cinema, Being the first shopping mall in the real sense, it offers a kind of new experience to Shanghai's customers.
Transport: Take Subway Line 1 to Xujiahui Stop.

-Shanghai First Yaohan New Century Plaza
Shopping Center Shanghai, Shanghai Travel, Tour ChinaLocated in Pudong District and co-established by two business giants from both China and Japan, Shanghai First Yaohan New Century Plaza is a large-scale department store dealing in fashionable franchised merchandise.
Transport: Take Subway Line 2 to Dongfanglu Stop.

-Henglong Plaza
Henglong Plaza, Shanghai Mall, China TourSituated on West Nanjing Road, Henglong Plaza is the top modern shopping store in Shanghai, dealing in current fashion designs. There are many flagship shops and branches of world-class brands, such as LV, Cartier, Fendi, Hugo Boss, Christian Dior, Loewe, and Zegna Sport, etc.
Transport: Take Bus Nos, 20, 37.

-Westgate Mall
Westgate Mall on West Nanjing Road, Henlong Plaza and CITIC Square form a golden commercial triangle. Isetan of Japan, the favorite of white-collar females, has its third branch inside Westgate Mall. Comfortable environment, high-quality service and unified price make it a top grade shopping Mall.
Transport: Take Subway Line 2 to Shimenyilu Stop.

-Pacific Department Store (Xujiahui Store)
An important member of the business circle of Xujiahui, the Pacific Department Store is a Chinese-foreign joint venture, the first one in Shanghai that positions its target consumers at the white-collar females. It focuses on women's clothing and articles, being the favorite of Shangahi females.
Transport: Take Subway Line 1 to Xujiahui Stop.

-Shanghai No. 1 Department Store
Shanghai Shopping Center, Tour ChinaEstablished around the founding of People's Republic of China, Shanghai No, 1 Department Store is the largest one with the most complete goods, the largest number of customers and the highest sales volumes, hence hailed as the "Top Department Store". Facing with the fierce competition, it targets at the white-collar young people and families who process the highest purchasing power, dealing in medium and high-class commodities.
Transport: Take Subway Line 1 or 2 to People's Square Stop.

-Hualian Shopping Center
With Yong'an Company as its predecessor, Hualian Plaza was rebuilt and got its current name in 1987. As a large-scale modern department store, it ranks within the top three in terms of sales volume for several years consecutively.
Transport: Take Subway Line 1 or 2 to People's Square Stop.

-New World Mansion
Shopping in Shanghai, China ToursLocated at Mo. 2 West Nanjing Road, New World Mansion is a newly-built largest modern mansion in the Puxi Area, dealing in various merchandises and medium and high-class goods. It gathers merchandises of the same category but different brands and types for the convenience of consumers to compare and choose.
Transport: Take Subway Line 1 or 2 to People's Square Stop.

-Shanghai Duty-free Shop
With an operating area of 5,000 sq m, Shanghai Duty-free Shop is the largest urban duty-free shop in China. Foreign visitors, overseas Chinese can buy goods like perfume and cosmetics at a price 34-40 percent lower and clothing and accessories 20 percent lower than those in non-duty-free shops.
Transport: Take Subway Line 1 to Shanghai Gymnasium Stop.

Famous Streets

-Nanjinglu Pedestrian Street
Shanghai Shopping Center, Shanghai China TourEnjoying a reputation as "the First Chinese Business Street", the ever-renowned "ten miles foreign shops" has become the most bustling street today with over 600 shops. Here you may find all kinds of traditional, renowned, specialty shops and famous brand stores with unique features. Nanjinglu Pedestrian Street has been the largest full-time shopping street in Shanghai, China and Asia at large.

-Huaihailu Business Street
Shanghai Market, Shopping in China, Travel ChinaWith more than 400 shops of different features, Huaihailu is as famous as Nanjinglu for tourism and shopping. Both its outlook and interior layout boast a strong sense of urban leisure atmosphere. Printemps Department Store, Department Maison Mode and Huating Isetan are located here.

-Xiangyanglu Fashion and Gifts Market
Shanghai Shopping Market, Tours in ChinaOriginally named Huatinglu Fashion Market, the current Xiangyanglu Fashion & Gifts Market has assembled a lot of private shops dealing in clothing and small accessories, being popular for its fashionable clothes. Today the market becomes more and more famous. Both Chinese youth and foreign visitors come here for a shopping.

-Changlelu Dress Market
Where would you go if you want to buy the most genuine and satisfactory traditional Chinese garments? Changlelu absolutely! Here you may find Chinese-style jacket with buttons down the front, cheongsam and traditional Chinese articles. You may wait only two days before putting on clothes specially designed for you.

-Yuyuan Shopping Mall
Neighboring Yuyuan Garden and Town God's Temple, Yuyuan Shopping Mall is a tourist shopping center combining tourism, commerce, historic site, shopping, catering and entertainment. Now Yuyuan Trendy Street appears in this traditional garden. Beautiful accessories and delicious food are sold in those fashionable European-style stores, which are the youth's favorite.

-Fuzhoulu Cultural Street
Ancient Buildings in Shanghai Fuzhoulu Cultural StreetThe reputation of Cultural Street came from a century ago when many publishing houses and cultural articles shops were established there. Nowadays, the street gathers over 30 bookstore, such as Chinese Science and Technology Bookstore, Shanghai Bookstore, Foreign Language Bookstore and Shanghai Bookstore City, an ultra-large retailing bookstore.

-Dongtailu Antiques Market
Shanghai Shopping Dongtailu Antiques MarketDongtailu Antiques Market is a unique market of its kind. It mainly deals in old handicrafts, including porcelain, jade articles, bronze, wooden furniture, calligraphy and paintings, four treasures of the study (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and rice paper) and sundries. This market enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad.

Famous Stores in Shanghai

Name  Add  Tel(Area Code: 8621)
Arts and Crafts Mansion  No. 190 West Nanjing Road  63276530
Henglong Plaza  No. 1266 West Nanjing Road  62790910
Westgate Mall  No. 1038West Nanjing Road  62187878
Duoyuanxuan  No. 422East Nanjing Road  63510063
Shanghai Friendship Department Store   No. 68 East Jingling Road  63373555
Grand Gateway Plaza  No. 1 Hongqiao Road  64070111
Cha Tai Plaza  No.168 West Lujiazui Road  68877888
Old Zhou Hucheng Writing  No.179 Middle Henan Road  63297959
Brush Shop  No.1168 West Nanjing Road  62180180-328
CITIC Square  No.409-459 East Nanjing Road  63513828
Shanghai Landmark  No.257 East Nanjing Road  63213221
Laojie Women's Clothing  No.154 East Nanjing Road  63213712
Shao Wansheng's Southern Foods  No.414 East Nanjing Road  63223907
Shanghai First Yaohan New Century Plaza  No.501Zhangyang Road, Pudong  58360000
Huaqingyutang Chinese Medicine Store  No.62Middle Tibet Road  63223049
Wangxingji Fans Store  No.469Hankou Road  63510682
Shanghai Watch Store  No.478-492Middle Huaihai Road  53827094
No. 1 Department Store  No.830 East Nanjing Road  63223344
New World Co., Ltd.  No.2 West Nanjing Road  63588888
Shanghai First Food Shop  No.720 East Nanjing Road  63222777
International Shopping Center  No.527 Middle Huaihai Road  53066666
Shanghai Lady Fashion Department Store  No.449 Middle Huaihai Road  53868686
Parkson Shopping Center  No.918 Middle Huaihai Road  64158818
Hualian Plaza  No.635 East Nanjing Road  63224466
Printemps Department Store Co., Ltd.  No.939 Middle Huaihai Road  64310118
Maison Mode  No.1312Middle Huaihai Road  64310100
Pacific Department Store (Xujiahui Branch)  No.932Henghsan Road  64078888
Town God's Temple Five-fragrant Beans Shop  No.104Yuyuan Road  63304254
Shanghai Duty-free Shop  Shanghai Gymnasium  64266988

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