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Hangzhou Restaurants

Where to Eat in Hangzhou?

Where to eat in Hangzhou? For your reference, the following are the most popular places and restaurants to eat in Hangzhou:

Hangzhou adopted a system of management by designation to ensure that both Chinese and foreign tourist groups can enjoy good restaurant services. The "Yuanhua food Street" and the middle part of the Stadium Road has become a "food street" with comparatively intensive service facilities for food and drinks. The Louwailou Restaurant and some other restaurants have been designated as local-style restaurants, the Haifeng Western Food Service as a western food restaurant, and the Phoenix Muslim Restaurant as a Muslim restaurant. All of them are famous restaurants in Hangzhou, Known for their excellent cooking techniques, good service, and clean surroundings.

Food Street on the Stadium Road

About 1km long, the middle section of the Stadium Road is a flourishing area with the greatest stream of people in the city of Hangzhou. There are 25 different restaurants in this area, with more than 8,500 seats, forming a fairly concentrated "food street" in the city, providing Hangzhou dishes, Guangdong dishes, South Korean cooking, KFC fast food, hotpots, snacks, refreshment and so forth, with various prices suitable for both visitors and local residents.

Food Street of the Yuanhua Plaza

Along the food street of the Yuanhua Plaza, Shangcheng district of Hangzhou, there are 27 restaurants, teahouses and bars, with more than 800 seats. Having business hours as long as 12 hours or more, they primarily provide Hangzhou dishes, Zhejiang dishes, snacks with various flavors, along with Dragon's Well green tea, wines and soft drinks.

Hangzhou River Holiday Village's Yuexiu Show and Banquet Hall

Located on the Qiantang River bank, opposite to the Six Harmonies Pagoda, one of the famous historical sites of Hangzhou, the Hangzhou River Holiday Village's Yuexiu Show and Banquet Hall is a banquet hall with Hangzhou folk decoration, local features and stage shows. With 268 seats in total, the hall provides visitors from all over the world with dishes of rich Hangzhou flavor, such as the West Lake Fish in Vinegar Sauce, Beggar's chicken, Dragon Well Shrimp Meat, Pot Roast Pork with Dried Turnip, Crispy Spring Pigeon, Tendon Fried with Bamboo Shoots, Stewed Old Duck with Dried Bamboo Shoots. It also provides a colorful night life program consisting of fashion shows, Zhejiang local opera, juggling conjuring tricks, singing and dancing.

Louwalou Restaurant
Address: 30 Gushan Road
Bus: 7,27,850
Feature: Hangzhou dishes, Beggar's Chicken and Shelled Shrimps with Dragon Well Green Tea

Flavor Savoring Tower
Address: 83 Renhe Road
Bus: Y8,7,151
Feature: Hangzhou dishes, Crab Brewed in Orange Juice, Codfish in Chicken Sauce and Wulin Boiled Duck

Address: 447 Yan'an Road
Bus: 151,155, 55
Feature: Hangzhou dishes, Fragrant Mandarin Fish, Dongpo Pork, Fragrant and Soft Duck

Huiqingyutang Dietotherapy Restaurant
Address: 95 Dajing Lane
Bus: 8,85,155
Feature: Dietotherapy

Zhuangyuan Guan
Address: 85 Qinghefang History Street
Bus: 8,55,38
Feature: Wu Hill Duck Tongue, Ning Style Eel Thread

Wang Runxing
Address: 71 Zhongshan Road
Bus: 8,Y6,155
Feature: Hangzhou dishes, Fish-head with Bean Curd, Rotus Roots and Salty Meat

Snack Shop and Noodle Restaurants

Flavor Savoring Tower
Address: 83 Renhe Road
Bus: Y8,7,151
Feature: Zhiwei Small Dumplings, Happy Pairs and Cat's Ear

Kuiyuan Restaurant
Address: 154 Jiefang Road
Bus: 56,151,55
Feature: Noodles with Quick Fried Eel and Shelled Shrimp and Hangzhou Noodles with Pork and Bamboo Shoot

Jiubaiwan Noodles
Address: 115 Pinghai Road
Bus: 8,16,151
Feature: noodles of all styles

Laoshenxian Noodles
Address: 380 Fengqi Road
Bus: 21,5,68
Feature: noodles of all styles and Hangzhou dishes

Xinfeng Snacks
Address: 183 Yan'an Road
Bus: 151,7,155
Feature: popular snacks

Wenzhou Boiled Rice Dumpling Shop
Address: 14 Xiuhua Road
Bus: 18,68,29
Feature: Boiled rice dumplings, snack, night wine

Midnight Food and Snack Shops

Mijiaxiang Restaurant
Address: 61 Xinhua Road
Bus: 62,29, 14
Tel: 0571-87220098
Features: Hangzhou dishes, Qianglong Appetite Whetting Fish, Odd Sapor Duck, Tea Mushroom in Dry Pan

Address: 94 Dongpo Road
Bus: 25,30, 206
Tel: 0571-87918011
Features: Hangzhou local dishes, pot chicken, Pingle braised duck Noodles, Huyang noodles, dried fish noodles

Yonghe Soybean Milk
Address: 97 Pinghai Road
Bus: 151,155, 8
Tel: 0571-87912678
Features: Soybean milk, steamed little baozi, business dishes

Hao Longxiang Restaurant
Address: 48-2 Dongpo Road
Bus: 155,25, 30,151
Tel: 0571-87917537
Features: Hangzhou dishes, Longxiang Soy-sauce Duck, Stewed Duck Claw; See food: Shrimps with Chili and Salt

Tiandefang Wonton Shop
Address: 143 Yan'an Road
Bus: 151,155, 8
Tel: 0571-87074277
Features: wontons and noodles of all styles

Western Food Cafes

Boton West Restaurant
Address: 344-348 Yan'an Road Shuguang Road
Bus: 55, K900, 151
Tel: 0571-87085757

Sallivan Western Food
Address: 2 Huancheng Road
Bus: 16, 1
Tel: 0571-8708888-388

Friendship Hotel Tangrenjie Western Food Restaurant
Address: 53 Pinghai Road
Bus: 4,16, 27
Tel: 0571-8707788

Haifeng Western Food Cafe (24-hour business)

Address: 231 Yan'an Road
Bus: 151,16, 27
Tel: 0571-87065983


The Fifth Avenue
Address: No.3 Wen San Rd. Hangzhou
Tel: 0571-56775776/5

What to Eat in Hangzhou?

For introduction of Hangzhou cuisine, foods, and snacks, please visit our Hangzhou Cuisine page.

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