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Guiyang Restaurants

The restaurants in Guiyang are numerous. They offer different styles of food, such as the flavor of Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Korean or Western. Here we just list several which offer the Western food or Chinese food.

Western Restaurants

New Zealand Western Restaurant
Chinese Name: 纽西兰西餐厅
Address: 157 Ruijin Beilu, Guiyang
Tel: 6512086
Description: the restaurant offers grilled fillet beef steak, lamb steak, spaghetti, buffet, barbecue and all kinds of western wines etc.

Orlando Western Restaurant
Chinese Name: 奥兰多西餐厅
Address: 69 Shenqi Lu, Nanming District, Guiyang
Tel: 5568888
Description: bread, dessert and all kinds of western food

Victorian Cafe
Chinese Name: 维多利亚
Address: 21 Yuxiu Lu, Guiyang
Tel: 6812631
Description: authentic beefsteak, bread, dessert and all kinds of western food

Aroma Bakery & Cafe
Chinese Name: 奥罗马西餐厅
Add: 1 Beijing Lu, Yunyan District
Tel: 6771888; 6771888-9298
Description: Nice surroundings, good service and delicious Chinese and Western food. To get there, you can take bus Nos. 28, 4, 24, 12, 26 or 9 and get off at the intersection of Beijing Lu.

Da Nanmen KFC
Chinese Name: 肯德基大南门餐厅
Add: 8 Zhonghua Zhong Lu (the first floor of the South building by the Time Square)
Tel: 5809716
Description: Western food

Pizza Hut
Chinese Name:必胜客
Add: 3 Zhonghua Beilu, Yunyan District (by the square)
Tel: 6813468
Description: offers Pizza and other Western food

UBC Coffee
Chinese Name:上岛咖啡
Tel: 4007161717
Add: 155 Ruijin Bei Lu, Guiyang
Description: This coffee shop offers coffee and all kinds of cuisines. In Guiyuang, there are many branches of the UBC Coffee. And this is known as the flagship shop.

Chinese Restaurants

Chongqing Liuyishou Maodu Huoguo
Chinese Name: 重庆刘一手毛肚火锅
Tel: 6502515
Add: 126 Zhaoshan Dong Lu/No. 126, Zhaoshan East Road
Description: It has many braches in China and specializes in Chongqing style hotpot. It is especially famous for its delicious hotpot with the buffalo’s omasums as raw materials.

Zongjiang Laochuancai 
Chinese Name: 宗江老川菜
Tel: 6818028, 6871849
Add: 202 Meitan Mansion, Beijing Road
Description: The restaurant offers authentic Sichuan-Chongqing dishes, especially Chongqing style hot pot (chafing dish) as well as other famous dishes to cater to different tastes.

Guiyang Siheyuan   
Chinese Name: 四合院
Tel: 6825419
Add: 79 Qianling Xi Lu/79 West Qianling Road
Description: Siheyuan Restaurant offers the real-flavor Guizhou dishes as well as other famous style dishes to the customers at home and aboard.

Chishuiqing Jiujia
Chinese Name: 赤水情酒家
Tel: 5527525
Add: 6 Xinhua Lu, Guiyang
Description: one of the most 50 popular restaurants in China. It offers the famous Sichuan and Guizhou flavor dishes. The restaurant has many entertainment facilities.

Dongjia Family Restaurant
Chinese Name: 侗家食府
Tel: 6507196
Add: 242 Beijing Lu (by the Qianling Park)
Description: Ran by a family of the Dong ethnic group. All the waitresses wear the Dong traditional clothes and serve the cuisines with the Dong flavor.

Guizhou Long Haiyang Huanggong
Chinese Name: 贵州龙海洋皇宫
Tel: 5863333; 5812966; 5876060
Add: 23 Jiandao Jie, Guiyang, China
Description: the restaurant serves seafood and many style Chinese cuisines. Take bus 11, 30, 50 and 65 can reach there.

Maojia Family Restaurant
Chinese Name: 毛家湘菜馆
Add: Xinhua Lu (opposite the No. Nine Middle School)
Tel: 5874989
Description: the restaurant serves the authentic Hunan style cuisines which are considered originating from the hometown of Mao Zhe Dong, the founder of the PRC.

Guangdongju Restaurant
Chinese Name: 广东居食府
Tel: 3835888
Add: 198 Shachong Nan Lu
Description: Cantonese cuisines

Beijing Jiaozi Restaurant
Chinese Name: 北京饺子馆
Tel: 6832692
Add: Qianling Xi Lu, Guiyang
Description: Chinese Jiaozi (dumpling) and delicious local food

The King of the Oriental Jiaozi
Chinese Name: 东方饺子王
Tel: 3848277
Add: 130 Shachong Nan Lu
Description: Chinese Jiaozi (dumpling) and local cuisines

What to eat in Guizhou, Guiyang

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