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Beijing Restaurants

Where to Eat in Beijing?

Where to eat in Beijing? For your reference, the following are the most popular places and restaurants to eat in Beijing:

Beijing Roast Duck

BJ Duck Restaurant
Bianyifang Kaoya Dian
China BJ Quanjude Roast Duck Corporation
China Garden Restaurant
Fengyimen Huanggong Group
Hepingmen (Big Duck) Roast Restaurant
Peng Lai Chun Shan Dong Restaurant
Qianmen (Old Duck)
Quanjude Kaoya Dian Quanjude
Zhengyangmen Roast Restaurant
Wangfujing ("Sick" Duck) 


Baiwanzhuang Barbecue Restaurant
China Huazheng F & Co Ltd (Japanese Style)
Fangxinyuan Barbecue Restaurant
Kaorouji of Huatian Food Group Co
Karouyuam Pavillon Grill
Sanwuting 


Badaju Instant-Boiled Meat Restaurant
Donglaishun Restaurant
Hutulou Restaurant
Jureju Hot-Pot Restaurant
Nengrenju Restaurant Co Ltd
Shancheng Hot-Pot Restaurant
You Ren Ju 

Beijing Imperial Cuisine

Beijing Hui Zhen Restaurant
Gloria Showcase
Huizhenlou Restaurant
Jingwei Food City Li Jia Cai (Li Family Restaurant)
Rong Court Restaurant (Red Mansion Banquet)
Tingliguan Imperial Tingli Hall Restaurant (Pavilion for Listening to the Orioles)
Wenyuan Restaurant
Yushan Restaurant
Yang Sheng Zhai
Prolongevity Restaurant 
Al Sultan Moslem Restaurant
Baikui Laohao Restaurant
Beijing Tong Sheng Xiang Pao Mo Restaurant
BJ Kaorouyuan Restaurant
Courtyard Restaurant & Sidewalk Cafe
Hongbinlou Restaurant
Mongolian Gher
Mongolian Tent
Nanlaishun Restaurant Branch
Tong Sheng Xiang Pao Mo Restaurant
Tulufan Restaurant
Wangfujing Donglaishun Restaurant of Dongan Food Co
Wanzhenlou Restaurant
Yanbinlou Restaurant
Yongfenglou Restaurant
Youyishun Restaurant

Seafood in Beijing

Baiwan Zhuangyuan Restaurant
BJ Pearl Sea-Food Restaurant Co Ltd
Century City Food & Entertainment Co Ltd
Donghaiyucun Seafood & Hotpot City
Mr Beef Seafood Restaurant
Shunfeng Food & Entertainment Co Ltd
Tiantian Fishing Harbor 

What to Eat in Beijing?

For introduction of Beijing cuisine, foods, and snacks, please visit our Beijing Cuisine page.

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