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Harbin Restaurants

Travel in Harbin, if you don't like the food in the hotels, you can find many good places to enjoy the food as you have expected. Zhongyang Dajie (lit. Central Street) and the streets off it are worth recommending. These streets are full of restaurants and backeries. Some below are for your reference.


◎Portman Western Restaurant

Add: 53 West Seventh Street, Daoli District (Base), 12 West Dazhi Street, Nangang District (Branch)

Tel: (Base) 0451 - 84686888; (Branch) 0451-84619818

Description: Portman Western Restaurant is the largest Russian restaurant in scale. The authentic Russian dishes are the knockouts, and they, after absorbing the cuisine merit from France, Italy and other foreign countries establish their unique style. It embodies the extension of modern Russian dishes in China. The scenes in many popular TV plays and films such as Harbin Under the Curtain of Night and Supreme Order is shot in Portman Western Restaurant.

◎Huamei Western Restaurant

Add: 112 Central Street, Daoli District
Tel: 0451-84619819

Description: It was founded in 1925 in the name of Mars Tea and Food Room. The restaurant mainly offers Russian dishes, with French and Italian cuisin as complement. Its first floor is the modernism European garden bar; the second floor gives the style of the Kremlin in Moscow in the former Soviet Union times, and providing up-scale cell; and the third floor embodies the modern Russian style. The notable Russian dishes include fillet podijaka, chickenbreast in cream, fried mandarin fish in milk, deep-fried prawns, grilled chicken and borsch soup.

◎Lucia Coffee Restaurant
Add:57 West First Street, Daoli Distric (Base), 28 West Tenth Street, Daoli District (Branch)

Tel: (Base) 0451-84563207 (Branch) 0451-84611677

Description: Lucia's western food is the cooking dating back to the era of Russian migration to Harbin. Together with other collected western dishes, in France or Italy style, the chefs follows the traditional cooking techniques in that era, selects top-quality raw materials, and imports directly British black tea from overseas and coffee from its origin country, for the sole purpose to offer the most exquisite and delicious western food to customers.

◎Cafe Russia 1914

Add: 57 Xitoudao Jie
Tel: 8456 3207

Description: Step back in time at this tranquil, ivy-covered teahouse-cum-restaurant and cafe. Black-and-white photos illustrating Harbin's Russian past line the walls, while the old school furniture and fireplace evoke a different era. The food is substantial Russian fare, such as borscht and piroshki (cabbage, potato and meat puffs). It serves Russian vodka, too.


◎Bi Feng Tang

Add: 185 Zhongyang Dajie
Tel: 8469 0011
Description: A northern outpost of the popular Shanghai restaurant empire. Come here for delicate, southern-style dumplings, as well as rice noodles, drunken chicken and excellent desserts. It's good for late-night munchies.

◎Dong Fang Jiaozi Wang (Eastern Dumpling Kingdom )

Add: 35 Zhongyang Dajie, Daoli District, Harbin
Tel: 8465 3920


Add: 72 Hongjun Jie (train station area)
Tel: 5364 2885

Description: It's not just the cheap jiaozi that are good at this always busy chain: there are plenty of tasty vegie dishes, too. The Hongjun Jie branch is a 10-minute walk southeast of the train station, next to the Overseas Chinese Hotel. English menu. 

◎Ding Ding Xiang

Add: 58 Jingwei Jie
Tel: 8300 0000

Description: In winter, Harbin and hotpot go together like strawberries and cream. This three-storey hot-pot palace can get very pricey, but you can also dine well on beef, lamb and seafood for a modest outlay. Just make sure you order the special sauces to accompany your hotpot. During summer, the streets off Zhongyang Dajie come alive with open-air food stalls and beer gardens, where you can sip a Hapi, the local beer, while chewing squid on a stick, yangrou chuan (lamb kebabs) and all the usual street snacks. For those with a  sweet tooth, the year-round indoor food market has stalls offering buns, cookies, fruits and sweets.

◎Dishes of Zhao's Old Restaurant

Add: 405 Hanshui Road, Nangang District
Tel: 0451 - 82382147

Description: The restaurant was founded in the 21st year in the era of Emperor Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty, by Aisin Gioro Zhenguo, who is the 11th generaton successsor of Dorgon. After the inheritance and development by 5 generations of Zhao's, now it is a restaurant chain containing more than 10 branches in the NOrtheast of China, Beijing and Tianjin. The indoor decoration is dominated by the authentic folk antiques, and supplemented by modern easy elements. The quality dishes are in the theme of Manchu customs.

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