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Guilin & Yangshuo Restaurants

Chinese Restaurants

Guilin Bravo Hotel Restaurant
Location: No.14 Rong Hu South Road
Style: Sichuan cuisine

Tong Lai Guan
Location: No. 4, Zhongshan Middle Road, opposite to Guilin Hotel
Style: Local snacks and traditional dishes

Lao Xiang Qin Restaurant
Location: southeast of Shizijie Square
Style: Beijng and Tianjin cuisine

Guilin Ren Chain Restaurant
The leading caterer in Guilin. The chain restaurants are spread throughout the city.

Zhengyang Soup City
Location: Zhengyang Street
Style: Typical Cantonese soups and dishes. More than 30 kinds of soups are served daily.

Hao Da Ma Cate Square
Location: Fl. 4, Bagui Building
Style: Buffet featuring a variety of snacks. Also from here, you can enjoy the bustling Center Square and Zhongshan Road.

Western Restaurants

Mingtien Coffee Language
This is a chain coffee bar with locations all over China.
Address: Zhengyang Street
Specialty: New Zealand steak and veal steak

Guilin Ren Western Restaurant
Address: Yiren Road
Specialty: New Zealand steak and Indonesian fried rice

Weixiao Eatery
Address: Middle Zhongshan Road
Specialty: New Zealand steak

What to Eat in Guilin?
For introduction of Guilin cuisine, foods, snacks and specialties, please come to Guilin Cuisine page.

Questions & Comments

  • Wei on July 8, 2010, 12:47 am

    if possible, include some pics, telephone numbers, map location and estimated cost per person of the restaurant. And here are my thoughts: 1. Take out Bravo Hotel Restaurant -- it is no longer there. 2. McFound (chain restaurant: 4 of them in Guilin): featuring a mixture of Guilin and Northern China cuisines. Per person (for a party of 2): RMB55 with soft drink. 3. Chunji Restaurant (Chain restaurant: 5 of them in Guilin) the most popular restaurants by the time of writing. For dinner you better book one day ahead or wait till 2000 for your turn): Most famous dish is roasted goose and goose livers (foie gras). Per person (for a party of 2): RMB65 with soft drink. 4. Macau Restaurants: established in 1994, the company has 6 restaurants in Guilin, featuring Guilin and Cantonese cuisine. Per person (a part of 2): RMB65 with soft drinks; Please check out with Tom Lu about other choices. Wei

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