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Xi'an Restaurants

Where to Eat in Xian?

On a visit to Xi'an, tourists need not to be worried of what and where to eat. Xian is one of the emerging cosmopolitan cities of China and boasts of restaurants of every type serving all the known cuisines of world. It also has an array of sumptuous Chinese eateries. Most Restaurants in Xi'an serve ethnic cuisines like Tasty xiaochi(snacks), resembling flying saucers, mouse heads, and walnuts on your table along with18-course dumpling meal. Shanxi's most widely consumed snack rou jia mo, a finely chopped pork pressed between two halves of a solid steamed bun is known as Xi'an's answer to the hamburger. Xi'an offers many types of Western food like pizza, real oven-baked penne, tuna sandwiches, chocolate brownies and even Texas stew.

Most of restaurants in Xi'an offer both veg and non-veg menus in a spotless and non-smoking ambience. You can find restaurants of all the major countries of the world offering ethnic foods. Restaurants specializing in Indian, American, French, Japanes and Italian gastronomy exist along side age-old Chinese and Cantonese eateries.

Where to eat in Xi'an, Shaanxi? For your reference, the following are the most popular places and restaurants to eat in Xi'an:

Shananxi Cuisine and other cuisines
Address in the Bell Tower Square of Xi'an

Xi'an Restaurant
Shaanxi Cuisine
Address in the middle section of East Avenue of Xi'an

Xi'an Tang Dynasty Music Palace
Shaanxi Cuisine with Tang Dynasty Dance and Music
Adrress on Chang'an Road North, Xi'an

Wenhao Zaliang Shifu Lao Dian
Shaanxi  Cuisine
Hours 9:30am-11pm
Address Jianshe Lu 2
Location From Lu Jia Cun, walk south 54m/180 ft. and turn right into Jianshe Lu. The restaurant is 225m/750 ft. ahead, on the north side, Around Town
Transportation Bus: no. 606 (from just north of Bell Tower) or no. 5 (from the railway station to Lu Jia Cun)

Reservations recommended

Lao Sun Jia
Shaanxi  Cuisine
Hours 11am-9pm
Address Dong Guan Zheng Jie 78
Location From Dong Men, cross the road, walk 27m/90 ft. north, turn right, and walk 45m/150 ft. east, Around Town
Transportation Bus: no. 45 from just east of Bell Tower to Dong Men
Reservations recommended on weekends (3rd floor)

Jiasan Guantang Baozi
Muslim  Cuisine
Hours 8am-midnight
Address Bei Yuan Men 93
Location 135m/450 ft. north of Drum Tower, on the east side, Around Town

What to Eat in Xi'an?

For introduction of Xian cuisine, foods, and snacks, please visit our Xi'an Cuisine page.

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