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Yunnan Kunming Restaurants

Dian dishes are moderately salty and spicy. To 'do in Rome as the Romans do', try the food specialties in Kunming. The unique delicacies from Kunming are famous throughout China; especially the fresh wild mushrooms. There is an edible wild mushroom family of over 200 varieties in Kunming, the tastes of which remain in mind.

A recommended restaurant for Kunming Bittern Duck (Kunming Lu Ya) mentioned is Fuzhao Lou located at Meishicheng crossing near South Gate, prices about 50 yuan per person. Another famous Dian restaurant is Lao Fangzi (old house). It is located at No. 18 - 19 in Jixiang Xiang, Dongfeng Xi Lu. The charming restaurant is a typical Yunnan residence with a 100-year history.

The most authentic and tasty Across Bridge Rice Noodles are served at the Qiao Xiang Yuan (Culture Street Branch). It is located at No. 2 in Wenlin Jie, Jinma Biji Square.

As the tourist industry develops, more and more restaurants have begun serving western food, and their cooking standards are fairly good. Among these places, the Bridge Cafe serves good western food and the best coffee, and the Old Market Cafe is popular with foreign travelers and is the best place to get access to travel information

What to eat in Kunming?

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