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Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show

The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show is one of the most attractive entertainments for tourists to Xi'an. It is rooted in the historic records and folk legends about the Tang Dynasty and shows to the audience the court life and social customs of more than 1,300 years ago through such performances as instrument playing and dancing. The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Troupe not only appeal to the Chinese but also capture foreigners who take a profound interest in Chinese culture.

In the segment of instrumental playing the performers mainly present to the audience pipa, a hand-plucked traditional instrument, and paixiao, a 3,000-year-old blowing instrument. Two of the most representative music stanzas are: Happy Spring Outing and Spring Orioles Song. The dance segment boasts even greater charm. The Warrior Triumphal Dance, which was about Li Shimin, the second Tang emperor who claimed himself Prince of Qin during the war before the founding of the dynasty, vividly shows the morale of his powerful commanding troops.

Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show, Xian Tours

Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show, Xian ToursTang Dynasty Music and Dance Show, Xian Tours

The Feather Dress Dance was choreographed by Lady Yang, the favorite concubine of Emperor Xuan Zong. According to legend, the emperor once had a dream in which he traveled to the palace on the moon. In the palace he met some celestial women, dressed in feathers and rosy clouds dancing in the sky. After the emperor awoke, the concubine created and performed this dance according to his recollection. The Tage (Dancing Accompanied by Singing) shows a style of dance that was popular both in the palace and among the common people. It represents the Tang people celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival each year in a beautiful area near the Huaqing Pools at the foot of the Lishan Mountain. The royal family joined the happy crowd and gave blessings to their subjects.

In the Tang Dynasty Palace, the dinner is usually served together with the show. With such enjoyment the audience can gain not only a simulating experience of the Tang court life and the social customs, but more importantly a thorough understanding of the history of traditional Chinese music and dance. All this is expected to make the audience be much better acquainted with the age-old Chinese culture.

Where to Enjoy the Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show?

In Xian, there are optimum places to enjoy the Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show. They are: Tang Yue Gong and Shaanxi Grand Opera House

Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show, Xian Tours

Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show, Xian ToursTang Dynasty Music and Dance Show, Xian Tours

Tang Yue Gong (Tang Dynasty Palace)
Tang Yue Gong (Tang Dynasty Palace) is famed for the traditional Canton Cuisine and the dance performance of Tang style after dinner, which is popular among foreign tourists. After every 20:30, the restaurant offers midnight tea of Canton style. You will feast your eyes and ears by watching the Tang Dynasty Dance and Music Show there.

Address: No. 75, North Chang'an Road, Yanta District
Transportation Bus: no. 603 from station or north of Bell Tower to Cao Chang Po
Phone 029/8782-2222

Shaanxi Grand Opera House
While it can't compete with Tang Yue Gong as a spectacle, this opera company has a more authentic feel, with revolutionary credentials tracing its origins to the Northwest Culture Work Group in Yan'an. If you opt for the dinner, you'll gorge on dumplings with 20 different fillings. Be sure to book in advance. Voice-overs are in Chinese and English. Dinner starts at 7:20pm and the show starts at 8:45pm.

Address: No. 165, North Wenyi Rd. Beilin District, Xian, Shanxi Province
Transportation Bus: no. 14 from the station, or no. 208 from south of the Bell Tower to Diao Jia Cun

Phone: 029/8785-6012

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