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Chinese Food along Yangtze River

On a Yangtze river cruise, visitors can enjoy more than three series of Chinese food and cuisine because the river stretch through several provinces of China such as Sichuan, Hubei, Hunan and more. Sichuan Cuisine and Hunan cuisine has been rated ones of the best cuisines among all the other different cuisines in China although the art of Chinese cooking exists all over China, from province to province.

Ones are able to taste different food at the port city along the river cruise.  For example, Sichuan food in Chongqing and Hubie Food in Yichang. The Restaurant in the riverside city proudly present Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei and Cantonese cuisine to you. We hope you will enjoy this exotic dining experience.

Some of the most popular dishes are:

Imperial Beef  
An authentic house specialty. Sliced beef with scallops and broccoli.
Dragon and Phoenix 
A unique combination of fresh lobster meat and spicy chicken.  

Beef with Baby Corn  
Sliced tenderloin beef sautéed with baby corn, mushrooms and snow peapods.  
Seafood Bird’s Nest 
A seafood lover’ dish. Fresh lobster meat, shrimp and scallops, toss-fried with mixed vegetables in fried bird’s nest.  
Vegetarian Mock Duck  12.95
Special mixed vegetables with distinctive duck flavor wheat gluten in a delightful same.  
Hunan Chicken
Specially prepared chicken sautéed with delicate spicy sauce.  
Sliced Leg of Lamb, Szechuan Style*  
Choice spring lamb with green onion and dried red pepper.

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