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Hainan Cuisine and Food

Hainan cuisine is said to be "lighter, with mild seasonings." A lot of local taste is mixed with the Han Chinese taste. Seafood predominates the menu, as shrimp, crab, fish and other sea life are widely available.

Wenchang Chicken is a dish known throughout the province of Hainan. Although there are many varieties of this dish, the name is usually used to define a type of large, free-range chicken from Wenchang city, located on the east coast of the province. As opposed to battery chickens, its meat has more texture and is somewhat drier.

Hainan chicken rice is a famous dish in Southeast Asia bearing the region's name. However, whilst many restaurants use chicken fat to quickly add flavour to the dish, the proper local method is to 'marinate' the rice with chicken soup to add a more full flavour.

Sanya not only features local cuisine, but boasts a collection of delicacies from around the country and worldwide "originally imported" as well. If you are a vegetarian, all sorts of tropical fruits might be your favorite: mango, mangosteen, durian, pineapple, banana, litchi, longan, jackfruit, guava, and the nameless local fruits you ever heard.

For gourmands, Sanya is one of the most exciting targets of all for its fresh seafood. The chefs who are locally born perfectly know how to contrive appetizing flavors based on the world's most stylish cooking methods. After all, who can resist the fun and temptation while taking a sit at the seafood stall or luxurious restaurant by the

Chinese Cuisines
Sanya boasts a collection of fine food from around the country, Shangpin road is a good place for those Chinese dishes, especially those from Northeast China, Hunan and Sichuan. Price are affordable to the blue-collared, with a large array of options. If you have a huge appetite, you can spend a whole day hanging out to sample different from all parts of China.

Worldy Collection
Sanya not only features local cuisine, but "originally imported" food from worldwide as well, such as the caterings from Korea, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Vietnam etc. Ingredients are freshly freighted by air to Sanya by many restaurants.

It is the Chinese unique big tropical ocean province, the natural resources have the abundant advantages, the heavy romantic feeling national minority, the economic special area insist to open and reform, make the delicacies of Hainan express a several big characteristics: First, it is fresh; second, it is natural; Third, it is unusual; fourth, it is abundant. If eat seafood in Hainan, you can eat the swimming fish, the walking crab, the fresh shell and the jumping shrimp. Wenchang Chicken, Jiaji Duck, Dong Goat and Le Crab are the traditional four famous dishes in Hainan. Various countryside vegetables and tropical melons and fruit, various snacks with full of special features in Hainan, let you big and satisfied joy of eating. All of the seafood of Hainan Island are caught up from the south Chinese waters, so they have no pollution, the meat is fresh and the flavor is beautiful. It can be treated as the best in the seafood in the whole country.
The introduction of a few special features foods and snacks for everyone.

Featured Food in Hainan

Wenchang Chicken
It is one of the best kinds of chicken in China, in Hainan it often contains that it doesn't become a party if there is n't a Wenchang Chicken. The chicken eats the banyan seed but is fatty, put to feed for 8 to 9 months, then put them in the pacific place of avoiding the light, feed them with the peanut cakes, coconut meat silk, Fanci, hot rice...etc. to become fatty. Eat Wenchang Chicken with the Baiqie Chicken for main; there are another Yeziru Chicken, Shu Chicken, Zhazi Chicken...etc. Its processing method of Baiqie and the condiments are special. The skin of Wenchang Chicken is yellow and frailty, the meat is delicate and beautiful, the bone Shu and fresh.

Jiaji Duck
It is produced in Qionghai City, and then is called the Fan Duck. The duck has yellow and red hat, the feather is black and white to be alternate. Because the method of the feeding Fan duck in the region of Qionghai City are extremely different with other places, so its chest is big, the skin is thin, the bone is soft, the meat is delicate, the fat is little, feel fatty but don't get fed up with it, the nourishment value is high, so the people call the Fan duck which are feed in the region of Jiaji the Jiaji Duck. That duck is fatty but don't get fed up with, is white and delicate and sprays the joss-stick. Three eating methods of the Baiqie Duck, flattened prepared duck and roasting duck are all good.
The folks of Hainan take the Jiaji Duck to be as the medicine food of repairing falsely and tired, boil them with the insect grass that is in winter together, they can nourish the body; boil the duck porridge with duck and the sticky rice together, it has the larger nourishing of effect; Such as the effect that have already kept the stomach and increase the blood, promote the body fluid.

Dong Goat
It is produced in the east mountain range in Wanning county, the color of hair is jet black, the meat is fatty and the soup is thick, gets fed up with but not Tan. Itis said that it is delicious because the goats eat the rare plants and the special products like Jugu Tea etc. The East Goat has already possessed the great reputation since from Song Dynasty, and once was listed as the contribution. The eating methods of the East Goat is diverse, there are Honmen Dast Goat, Consomme East Goat, the Coconut Milk East Goat...etc., they have each special features, all are the rare delicacy.

Hele Crab
It is produced in the sea which is in the area of Hele Town in Wanning country, the cream is full and the meat is fatty, other crabs are not, especially its ointment is golden and oil bright, likes yelk of the salted duck egg, the flavor comes into nostrils, the nourishment is abundant. And the eating method of Hele Crab is diverse, the most familiar eating method is to steam, go together with the ginger garlic vinegar of adjust to anticipate, it is original flavor and juice, and keep therein. Compared with the crabs of river in the hinterland, the Hele Crab has two characteristics: First, it is that almost whole ointment cover the back, the cream quality is strong; the cream quality of crabs of river in the hinterland is lousy and soft, is form of pieces, the quantity is obviously less than Hele Crab. Second, it is that the meat quality of Hele Crab is more and better than the carbs of river in the hinterland. In addition, Gao Crab in Qukou, Hua Crab and the Pipa Crab in Lingshui which is a kind of crab that keeps the line are also all well-known.

It is the ocean animal that lives in the shallow waters of the tropical zone or subtropics, is the best in shrimp. It covers with the armor, still has two long touch whips, is beautiful and dominant. The Hainan produces a few of kinds of lobsters, they are in the coconut trees in the east suburb of Wenchang, visitors can choose the flexible lobsters in the net of the farming, taste the delicacy immediately. The lobster is a valuable food; its meat is soft, slippery and fresh. In Hainan, people eat the lobster raw with mustard and adjust to anticipate mostly, and use shrimp, tail and foot...etc. to cook porridge, they also have the eating methods of frying in oil, exploding to fry and steaming. Lobster, prawn and Jiweixia compose one clan of main course in good food of Hainan.

Yong Sheep in Shishan
It is produced in Qiongshan City, kept in the stable, feed with the sheep grass that pass to choose in the region of Stone Mountain which belongs to the dead volcano, make the skin thin and the meat delicate, and don't get fed up with. The best Yong Sheep are the lambs which are born the half month to 20 days or the sheep which are kept in stable for about two months and about 15 kilograms heavy. The eating methods of the Yong Sheep contain soup rinse, Baiqie, the Hongmen and buttons up the sheep and medicines to braise, taking the mutton chafing dish as well-known. Chop the sheep bone to be pieces, cook soup, go together with the fresh bamboo shoot and sour pickled cabbages in the soup, boil the flesh thin slice, the meat is fragrant and the skin is slippery, its soup is sour, sweet and pleasant.

The repairing soup greatly with turtle and snake
It is taste soup of Hainan. The turtles and snakes were taken as the tonic to promise longevity by Chinese in the past; everyplace all makes the dishes with them. The geography and climate in Hainan are fit to turtles and snakes to live, so it produces very plentiful. Its history of edible is long. This soup is one of the more familiar categories.

Yerongjuzi Chicken
According to the cooking principle of the Dongjiangyanjuji, the cook uses the flavor of the fresh coconut to anticipate becoming the chicken. The style of original chicken, the color is thin yellow, the Qian is pure white, the joss-stick of coco is heavy, the flavor is fresh and the quality is frailty, it is slippery, delicate and good to eat.

Jiangyan Pipa Shrimp
It is the special product taste dish of Hainan. The Pipa Shrimp is the special product seafood of Hainan, getting name because its shape likes a pipa. It produces mainly in the coastal region of Lingshui and Wanning. The color is fresh and gorgeous, the appearance is beautiful, the shrimp meat is delicate and slippery, and the flavor is fresh and beautiful.

The covering mutton in Stone Mountain
Take the special product which is mutton of Stone Mountain and near the volcanic lip in the Saddle Ridge as the raw material, go together with the various spices flavor to anticipate, pass by many cooking processes like rolling, frying, steaming, buttoning up but become. You should go to eat in the volcanic lip in the Saddle Ridge, Liwanjiuxiang do it best.

Seafood winding in Jinhau
It is the seafood dish with special features, regards sea shrimp and fresh tape as principle anticipate, assists to prepare with the Jinhua ham and various last vetetables but become. The vegetable and meat combine, it is pure, fresh and good to eat.

According to the cooking principle of the Dongjiangyanjuji, the cook uses the flavor of the fresh coconut to anticipate becoming the chicken.

Xieqian is one of the four treasures in Hainan
It is the traditional dish in Hainan, regards pliers of crabs as principle, mix to fry the fish ball, light ball, frog leg, choi sum and bamboo shoots to set off by contrast, the flavor is overflow, it is fresh and beautiful to be matchless.

The color is golden, the style is beautiful, the quality is great, burnt aromatic, and the flavor is fresh and beautiful.

Bean curds in Qiong Mountain
It is a traditional famous dish in Hainan. Qiong Mountain is a place name in Hainan Province, is Qiongshan City now, and is adjacent to Haikou City which is provincial capital. The bean curd is not the bean product, but is made of white of egg, the form likes semi-congealed bean curd, it is pure, delicate, and slippery, go together with the fresh" four treasures", the flavor is very fresh and beautiful.

The milk pig in Lingao
It is an unique food in Hainan. The epidermis of milk pig which has been cooked well is tiny yellowish brown, the pig bends the legs to lie, it is shining, and the flavor is overflow. Use the knife lightly to cut, then spilt to open; peep out the white delicate thin meat of inside, it is slippery, delicate and soft, thin fragrance.

Powder in Hainan
It is a snack that most has the special features, the spreading history is long, it is eaten by residents of cities and towns in common like Haikou City, Qiongshan City, Anding country and Dengmai country that are in the north of Davao Island, and is the long-lived in and good luck of delicacy in the festival what is pleased to celebrate the essential.
The Powder of Hainan has two kinds: One is a thick powder, the other one is a thin powder. The ingredients of thick powder is sampler, only in thick powder and the boiling hot sour pickled cabbage beef broth, withdraw some shrimp sauce, delicate pepper, chopped onion, the explode shelled peanut etc. to become namely, it is called the thick powder soup, but the thin powder then relatively pays attention to, it need varieties ingredients and the flavor ingredients to take in to mix blend with juice pickle to eat, it is called the pickle powder. The Powder of Hainan usually is this type of pickle powder.

It is a local famous snack in Hainan, use the big rice flour to go together with Liang soup and various condiments to make. It got this name because the Baoluofan in Wenchang country is the most famous, because its powder body is thicker than the Power in Hainan, it is called it as thick powder soup again in the north area of Hainan. The powder body is pure, soft, great slippery, the flavor is fresh and the soup is hot, the strange joss-stick of condiment bears the mastication, does not get fed up with, it is fresh and joss-stick takes slightly sour and hot, captivating appetite.

It is a taste snack in Hainan, the leaves of Banlan is the main ingredients, is a kind of tropical herbs, its juice is deeply green, there is the special flavor of Banlan. The returned overseas Chinese like to use the leaves of Banlan to prepare the food; these cakes take most the great reputation. The color is green, the white is alternate, the layer is clear, it is smooth and bright, enjoy please the eye, the coco joss-stick clips the special joss-stick of Banlan, captivating appetite, entrance clearness, sweet slip the smooth larynx, and is pure hot, keep stomach of effect.

The tube-shaped container rice of Li Clan
The fragrant rice of tube-shaped container is usually made when the people go out far, climb the mountain to hunt or treat guests. Use the fragrant rice in Shanlan Rice which is a kind of dry rice to go together with the meat as raw material, put into the tube-shaped container which is made of the fresh Fen bamboo or Shan bamboo, add the just right amount of water, then use the leaf of banana to block up the tube-shaped container strictly, the green bamboo was burnt in the fire. The fragrant rice has the Yanba fragrant rice, the black bean fragrant rice etc., the best one is the game delicious fragrant rice. The game that suits to make the fragrant rice is wild partridge meat, venison, ringed pheasant meat, Nan snake meat, yellow meat...etc., the yellow fragrant rice is the most sweet. Currently, in the guest houses in Tongshen and the tour villages of Li Clan, we can taste the fragrant rice of Li Clan. The bamboo is beautiful and green; the rice is sauce and yellow, the aroma floats, pliant and tough deeply. While eating, drink a lip of Shanlan Wine of Li Clan, bite a lip of bamboo strips rice, taste and chew it slowly, the interest is full of life.

Three color rice of Miao Clan
It is the traditional snack of people of Miao Clan in the central mountain area of Hainan. It has the seasonal changing, on March 3rd when is the tradition pleased festival of the people of Li Clan and Miao Clan. It has the heavy seedling clan taste color. 3 kinds of natural colors of yellow, black and red form a pleasant contrast, having the medicine flavor and sweet joss-stick, the rice roll is sweet and slippery, the appearance is beautiful.

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