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Shanghai Xintiandi

Xintiandi, or Xin Tian Di, a highlighted metropolitan tourist spot in Shanghai, is known for the preservation of stone-framed-door architecture, a historical and cultural legacy of Shanghai. It has also become a world-class multifunctional center of dining, shopping, performance, fashion, leisure and arts.


What to see in Shanghai Xintiandi? At Xintiandi, brick-paved alleyway, red-and-green brick wall, heavy ebony-black door, Baroque-volute-relief on the lintel, all of which are reminiscent of the good old days. Now the house is spacious after partition walls have been removed and comfortable with all-weather central air-conditioning. European-style fireplace and sofa next to Chinese-style square table and wooden yoke-back chair, bar and café adjacent to teahouse and Chinese restaurant, both look perfectly compatible.

Meanwhile modern oil paintings on the wall and old-style vertical gramophone reveal the artistic taste of the owner. "Our old family" exhibition hall at Xintiandi is a perfect place where you may learn of history and bring back by-gone memory of old Shanghai. Housed in a renovated stone-framed-door residence built in 1920s, the exhibition tells a story of a family living in such a particular dwelling, displaying this unique architecture in Shanghai and reviewing the living conditions and lifestyles of old Shanghainese.Shanghai Xintiandi, Travel China

Add: Lane 181, Taicang Road
Bus Routes: 42; 926; 911 and others.
Metro: Line 1 (Huangpi Nan Road Station)

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