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Stone-framed-door Residence Culture in Longtang

The stone-framed-door residences in longtang (alleyway), typical of modern architecture in Shanghai, embody two different features of Chinese and Western cultures. The architectural style of early times seemingly suggestive of common residences south of Yangtze River, however, the overall layout of terraced houses derives from Europe.

The stone-framed-door residence is best feature with its main entrance. Its stone frame, black door plank, copper knocker and other are all characteristic of traditional Chinese style. Meanwhile its relief decorations on the lintel, triangular or arc are truly distinctive of traditional Chinese style. Meanwhile its relief decorations on the lintel, triangular or arc are truly distinctive of Western architectural pattern.

Long tang, the typical neighborhood full of human touch, is long-cherished love and fond memory by millions of Shanghainese. "Ducking or raising your head, you cannot avoid being spotted. a popular saying goes. In such a living space neighbors closely live together like a big family, having strong sense of unity, security as well as identity. Long tang is also a diversified living complex, where residents coexisted, varied in their professions, backgrounds, or educational levels. In their common life people from all walks of life have long assimilated and helped each other, giving rise to a popular long tang culture of its own distinction.

Full of humanity, the life in long tang is vividly likened to kaleidoscope of metropolitan Shanghai lifestyle and gallery of local folk customs. It is here in long tang where you can observe the relationships between the neighbors, trace the character of Shanghainese to its source, and better appreciate its rhythm and vitality of life of the whole Shanghai.

Stone-framed-door residence neighborhoods:

1. Memorial Hall of First CPC Congress 76 Xingyie Road
2. Shangxianfang Area Lane 358, Huaihai Zhong Road
3. Siming Village 913 Central Yan An Road
4. Shaan Nan Village 157-187, Shaanxi Nan Road
5. Xinkang Garden 1273, Huaihai Zhong Road
6. Shangfang Garden 1285, Huaihai Zhong Road

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