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Shanghai Acrobatics Show

Acrobatics Show, Shanghai ToursThe Chinese acrobatics shows have become the most popular evening entertainment for tourists in Shanghai. There are three excellent acrobatics troupes offer the wonderful performances in the city.

The first one is Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe. Founded in 1951, the troupe is a very well-known professional acrobatics performing group in China, and it has performed around the globe. Their movement is art - tightly choreographed and rehearsed endlessly. The troupe is located at Shanghai Centre Theater. In 2005, the troupe produced the very classical program called Huangpu Sensation (lasts for about 2 hours). The program consists of 3 parts - "Autumn Day", "Moon Reflection" and "Rosy Clouds"- showing the vicissitudes of Shanghai: "Grand Feast" and "Lovers at the Bund" tell the story of yesterday; "Juggler in the Bar" reflects the charm of today; "Hoop Diving" and "Magic Illusion" predict the development of tomorrow. Some acts such as "Play Dooly", "Silk Stripes" and "Pyramid of Chairs " are the "Gold Lion Award" winners at China National Acrobatic Competitions. The program is performed daily at 7:30 pm.

Acrobatics Show, Shanghai Tours

Acrobatics Show, Shanghai ToursAcrobatics Show, Shanghai Tours

The other famous acrobatics troupe in Shanghai is the Shanghai Circus World, located at 2266, New Gonghe Road. Unique in architectural shape and with a golden dome-like roof, it is another landmark building of Shanghai, an international cultural metropolis. It has the acrobatic field as the main building, rehearsal auxiliary building, animal room and commercial cultural city as necessary installations. The acrobatic field, which has a total of 1, 638 seats, is equipped with modern lighting installations and surrounding sound.

Portman Acrobatic Show is also a famous troupe in Shanghai, which is close to Shanghai Bund. In Portman Acrobatic Show, you can enjoy juggling, diabolo or Chinese yo-yo, "unique bowl flip", plates spinning, leg and foot juggle, rolling cups & contortion, poles climb, bungee jump, rolling hoops dives, trapeze, bicycle feasts, and so many more.

Watching a Chinese acrobatics show is considered a great mental and physical stimulation. So you should not miss it when you visit Shanghai.

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