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Huangpu River Cruise

Standing on a boat on the Huangpu River, one can have a panoramic view of the river and the scenery along it. The river is sparkling with giant ships sailing busily by; the bands are filled with sky scrapers of different styles. Local people honor the Huangpu River as Mother River, and when you view the lights (evening) and spectacle from the deck of your cruise, you will understand why.

The schedule of Huangpu River Cruise usually includes a full morning cruise (from 9am to 12:30pm) and a full afternoon cruise (from 2 to 5:30pm). Both these full cruises make a complete circuit of the Huangpu to its mouth. The Huangpu River cruise company also offers a night cruise from 7 to 9pm, splendid when the lights are on the Bund and Pudong, but this voyage does not go downriver to the Yangtze River. Cruise schedules vary depending on the season, and on weekends additional cruises are sometimes added. Join our Huangpu River cruise tour you will get a comfortable seat with a fine view on the top deck, as well as a small buffet with drinks and local snacks. The river tour boats are wide double-deckers, about 150 feet long, equipped with a kiosk selling snacks; a bar selling tea, coffee, sodas, and beer; and a buffet dining room. Upper decks are nonsmoking.

Huangpu River Cruise, Shanghai Tours

Huangpu River Cruise, Shanghai ToursHuangpu River Cruise, Shanghai Tours

The Huangpu River Cruise is probably the best witness of the pulse and dynamism of Shanghai. The river extends for 110 km (68 miles) from its source in Dianshan Lake to its intersection with the Yangtze River about 17 miles downstream from the city.

In the daytime, you can see the activity bustling from the docks. Nearly a third of China's trade enters through here. There is lots of riverfront activity at this permanent rush hour water traffic venue. Freighters cruise along barges, junks and sampans.

At night, the boat takes you on a spectacle of lights, from the Bund and heart of colonial Shanghai, to the fantastic sights of Pudong's futuristic skyline:

Cruises depart from the Bund and last one hour. There is also a longer three-and-a-half hour trip all the way to the junction of the Yangtze River. There are many offerings for cruises, check what you are getting and if possible, make reservations in advance, otherwise you are looking at a long line and waiting time.

Huangpu River Cruise, Shanghai ToursHuangpu River Cruise, Shanghai ToursHuangpu River Cruise, Shanghai Tours

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Questions & Comments

  • Jacomien on August 21, 2012, 4:08 am

    Hi we only have one day in Shanghai and would love to cruise the Huangpu River. What would you suggest and is there a site so that we couls maybe book before we get there.Is there anything else you would suggest is a must see.

  • Ripple on June 24, 2011, 2:02 pm

    Hello Cristina, my colleague, Max Zhoung had sent you an email, please talk with him about the price and the cruise details. Thanks.

  • cristina on June 24, 2011, 3:48 am

    hello, how much is the cost for 3 adults and 1 child aged 11 for the 3hour tour? thank you

  • Erica Sage on May 28, 2011, 9:58 am

    Please can you tell me the cost for two people to do the 3 hr cruise tomorrow afternoon. Thank you

  • Stefan on May 11, 2011, 8:02 pm

    Hello, please tell me whether on the long tour the boat will enter the Yangtze a bit and what the costs are per person on Saturday afternoon. Thanks

  • Ripple on April 14, 2011, 11:28 am

    Hi Catherine, our travel consultant will send you the cost soon, please check your email later.

  • Catherine Smith on April 14, 2011, 10:31 am

    Hello Please can you advise the cost for 2 people on the evening cruise saturday 16th April Many thanks catherine

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