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Shuzhuang Garden

Shuzhuang Garden  was built in 1913 by a rich Taiwanese merchant, Lin Erjia, also named Shzang, which gave rise to the park's name "Shuzhuang". It is a must see for those who travel to the Gulang Island in Xiamen.

Such horticultural architectural arts as concealing, borrowing and  subtle handling are widely introduced into  the design of the park, integrating the park with natural landmarks. The garden is divided into two parts, namely, "Bushan" (reinforcing the mountain) and "Canghai" (concealing the sea). The park conceals and ornaments the sea while the sea widens  the park; the rocks dot the mountain, and the cavity shades the sky. "Forty Four Bridges", which winds through the park, gives  one the sensation of flying; "Twelve Cavities" rockery nestles against the mountain, and the cavities, which wind up and down, are all interlinked. This ingeniously constructed and graceful park well complements the majestic view of rolling waves and flying gulls.

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