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Sand Lake Scenic Area

Located 50 km away from Yinchuan, the capital city of Ningxia, Sand Lake Scenic Area (aka Shahu Lake Scenic Area) combines features both of South and North China. The lake covers an area of 6 sq km, is dotted by the inverted image of white cloud and green reed. The reed sways gently in the breeze, presenting a picture of a beautiful, fascinating world. In the middle of the lake is bathing beach. To its south is Mount Shashan (aka Sand Hill) and to its north is the fishing area. All these natural and human scenic spots attract people to visit.

In summer, visitors usually paddle boats in the peaceful water of the lake.

The reed branches flicker in the ripple around the boat when the boat turns this way and that. It is a dreamland world. Sometimes wild ducks would follow the boat with heads highly held as if to guard for visitors. After enjoying the splendid scenery, visitors may go fishing near the bank or swim in the water. Then lying on the tender bed of sand, they can have a sunbath on the beach. Visitors can also have sand skiing on Mount Shashan, which lies in the south of the lake.

In autumn, Shahu Lake becomes more attractive because of the snow of reed catkins. The lake is covered by densely planted forest of reed. When autumn comes, the wadding-like reed catkins flow in the wind after leaving their mother’s body. The Shahu Lake, then coated with snow-white cloud veils behind a light haze, like a phantasmal presence. 

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