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Harbin Transportation

Harbin Railway - Bureau is the first one in Chinese History, of which the railway density is the highest in China. Harbin Railway Station is one of the three modernized railway-networks.  It has trains run to nearly all the citities in the county. For the convenience of the visitors who only want to take trains from Beijing and Shanghai to Harbin, the below timetable is for information only.

No.                      From      To             Dep./Arv. time            Distance   

1172/1173           Beijing - Harbin        03:37 - 20:58             1278 km
T157/T156           Beijing - Harbin        06:26 - 17:28             1249 km
D25                    Beijing - Harbin        07:13 -16:20              1249 km
1301                   Beijing - Harbin        10:49 - 05:08             1401 km
K265                   Beijing - Harbin        13:57 - 08:19             1249 km
K339                   Beijing - Harbin        11:00 - 02:02             1249 km
D27                    Beijing - Harbin        14:18 - 22:24             1249 km
T47                    Beijing - Harbin        16:50 - 05:15             1249 km
Z1                      Beijing - Harbin        21:14 - 07:10             1249 km 
Z15                    Beijing - Harbin        21:20 - 07:04             1249 km
T17                    Beijing - Harbin         21:26 - 08:26             1249 km 
K19                    Beijing - Harbin         23:00 - 14:49             1413 km
K39                    Beijing - Harbin         23:00 - 14:49             1413 km 
D101                  Beijing - Harbin         13:51 - 23:17             1249 km
K295                  Beijing - Harbin         11:56 - 03:18             1249 km

K56/K57           Shanghai - Harbin        21:04 -05:01              2560 km

Harbin has an advanced system of highways. Food and other products are shipped on these roads. The highways in Harbin have a big impact on the way of life these people have, despite most are tolled. There are seven important highways which pass through or terminate in Harbin, including the Beijing-Harbin, the Heihe-Dalian, the Harbin–Tong River, Changchun-Harbin, and the Manzhouli–Suifen River highways. China National Highway 221

Harbin Taiping International Airport serves Harbin and is an important transportation hub for northeastern China. It is the largest northernmost airport of China and its terminal building (along with Shenyang-Taoxian Airport) is currently one of the largest in northeastern China. The technical level of flight district is 4E, which allows all kinds of large and medium civil aircraft. There are flights to over thirty cities including Beijing, Tianjing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Qingdao, Wenzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Dalian, Xi'an and Hong Kong. In addition there are also scheduled flights between Harbin and cities of some countries, including USA, Russia, Korea, Japan, and Singapore.

Construction of Harbin Subway started on 5 December 2006. The total investment for the first phase is RMB5.89 billion. Twenty stations will be set on this 14.4 km long line starting from Harbin East Railway Station to the 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University in the west of the city. A subway depot, a command center and two transformer substations will be built along the line. Most of the subway's route follow the air defence evacuation Tunnel left from the World War II.

Ports and Waterways
There are more than 1,900 rivers in Heilongjiang, including the Songhua River, Heilongjiang River and Wusulijiang River, creating a convenient system of waterway transportation. Harbin harbor is one of eight inland ports in China and the largest of its type in Northeast China. Available from mid-April until the beginning of November, passenger ships sail from Harbin up the Songhua River to Qiqihar or downstream to Jiamusi, Tongjiang and Khabarovsk (Russia).

The transportation of Harbin offers  an excellent condition for the tourists during their tours in Harbin, expecially during the International Ice and Snow Festival tour.

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