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Ziyuan Will Celebrate Lantern Offering Festival


The 17th Ziyuan Lantern Offering Festival will be held in Aug 8 - Aug 13. This traditional festival is annually celebrated by the local ethnic groups including Han, Yao and Miao. Due to the festival takes place during the 13th day and the 14th day of the 7th lunar month, the festival is also called Qiyueban Hedeng Gejie (Mid-July Lantern Offering Festival) by the locals.

During the festival, the local people will hold many interesting activities, for example, dragon boat race, tug-of-war, peg-top contest, girls throw an embroidered ball to choose their own husbands, birds fighting, antiphonal songs contest, perform dragon dance, watch  water buffaloes fighting, offer various beautiful lanterns in the river in the evenings and so forth.

Ziyuan is a county under the administration of Guilin city, about 107 km from the city down town. It offers some famous tourist attractions, such as Danxia (landform) Hot Springs Scenic Area, Zijiang River Boating, Wupai River white water raft ride, Baoding Lake Waterfall and Bajiao Zhai Geography Park. Tourists can get there by bus at Guilin Bus Station.

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