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Culture & Symbol

China boasts a history and culture of 5000 years. The prosperity in all works of life always derives from the essence of Chinese culture, which is a basic gateway to explore Chinese world. As an oriental country with a long history, China has the world-famous symbols. From the mythic totems to the remarkable culture and art, from the great buildings to the exclusive products, from the sacred mountains to the mother rivers the country has it all...these peerless treasures are considered the symbols of China and associated with the Chinese nation or the country.

  • China Giant Panda

    China Giant pandas are known as the living fossils and the national treasures . They are black and white bears that live in temperate-zone bamboo forests in central China.

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  • The Four Great Inventions of Ancient China

    The Four Great Inventions refer to the four inventions of ancient China which had an enormous impact on the development of Chinese civilization and a far-ranging global impact.

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  • Chinese Medicine

    Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a complete medical system that has been practiced for more than five thousand years. TCM, far different approach from Western medicine, benefits all human being around the world...

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  • Ornamental Pillar

    A well-known architectural ornament in China is the huabiao, often seen on the grounds of palaces, imperial gardens and mausoleums. Ornamental pillars carved out of marble also standing in some crossroads to mark the thoroughfares....

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  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

    Traditional Chinese medicine originated with Shennong, the celebrated herbal medicine master of ancient China who lived about 6,000 years ago, a time which is believed to the embryo stage in the development of traditional Chinese medicine.

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  • Sacred Animals

    The dragon is commonly called Lóng in China. As a primitive totem of the Chinese people it can date back to ancient ages. It is referred as sacred creature in the ancient Chinese legend to bring ....

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  • China Great Mountains and Rivers

    Aka Mt. Huangshan, located in Huangshan City in southern Anhui Province, the scenic area of the Huangshan Mountain covers 154 square kilometers and is famous for its four wonders: strangely-shaped pines...

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  • Chinese Knot

    Traditional Chinese Knots is a decorative handicraft arts that began as a form of Chinese folk art in the Tang and Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD) in China. It was later popularized in the Ming and Qing Dynasty (1368-1911 AD).

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