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Tales, Myths, Legends, Stories

From Pangu Makes the World to Nuwa (Goddess of Sky-patching) Creates the Human Being, from the Legend of the White Snake to the Romance of the Butterflies, from Tears That Crumbled the Great Wall to The Cowherd and the Girl Weaver...Absolutely, these old oriental myths, legends, folk tales and romantic stories will fascinate you since they have been going round in China for centuries. In this page you will learn about many Chinese facts about the nonmaterial cultural legacies.
  • Butterfly Lovers

    The Butterfly lovers is a Chinese legend about the tragic romance between two lovers, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, or Liang Zhu, from whom the name of the legend is known in Chinese.

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  • Yellow Emperor

    Chinese people often refer to themselves as the descendants of Yellow Emperor (Huangdi), a part-real, part-legendary personage. In Chinese legends claimed that he lived in Xianglongxia next to the Jushui River at the foot of ....

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  • Zengzi Slaughters a Pig

    Zengzi's wife was going to the market place. Her little son insisted on going with her, making a tearful scene. "Stay at home," she said to the boy. "When I come back, I will slaughter a pig for you." When she came back, Zengzi ..

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  • The Tiantai Mountain

    In the fifth year of Yong Ping (A.D.62) in the reign of Emperor Ming of the Han Dynasty, Liu Chen and Yuan Zhao of Yanxian went to Tiantai Mountain to collect husks, but lost their way and could not find the road home.

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  • The Sword Maker

    Beacause Ganjiang took three years to forge a pair of swords for the king of Chu, the king was angry and decided to kill him. One sword was male, the other female. Ganjiang's wife, Moya was about to give birth, and he said ....

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  • The Serpent Sacrifice

    In the province of Minzhoug in Dongyue, Mount Yongling towers many miles high. In its northwest corner there was a huge serpent seventy to eighty feet long and so thick that it took a dozen men to encircle it. The local people were terrified by ....

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  • The Scholar and the Headless Ghost

    Ji Kang was a man of noble character who liked to roam the country. Once traveling southwest of Luoyang, he came to a station named Huayang a few dozen li from the capital, where he put up for the night. There was no one else there that day ....

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  • The Queer Cricket

    During the reign of Xuan De (1426-1435), cricket fights were popular at court and a levy of crickets was exacted every year. Now these insects were scare in the province of Shaanxi, but the magistrate of Huayin, to get into the good books ....

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