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Culture & Symbol

China boasts a history and culture of 5000 years. The prosperity in all works of life always derives from the essence of Chinese culture, which is a basic gateway to explore Chinese world. As an oriental country with a long history, China has the world-famous symbols. From the mythic totems to the remarkable culture and art, from the great buildings to the exclusive products, from the sacred mountains to the mother rivers the country has it all...these peerless treasures are considered the symbols of China and associated with the Chinese nation or the country.

  • Chinese Cultural Understanding

    Regardless of the time spent in advance preparation, you are sure to experience a certain amount of cultural shock when entering the People's Republic of China. China is an awesome encounter for all but the most callous travelers.

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  • Chinese Astrology & Horoscope

    Just like that of other civilizations, Chinese astrology,horoscope, divining,anthroposophy came into being at remote antiquity ancient Chinese people worshiped the power of nature ....

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