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  • You Will Do On The Trip
  • Admire the Yellow Fruit Waterfalls.
  • Enjoy the beautiful silver ornaments of the Miao ethnic group.
  • See how the paper is hand-made in a traditional way.
  • Observe the local craftsmen making silverwares.
  • Watch the locals how to make Lusheng, a traditional Miao people's musical instrument
  • Enjoy the festival and take part in some interesting activities with the hospitable villagers
2014 Guizhou Sister Rice Festival - From April 3 to 5
Known as the oldest Oriental Valentine's Day, the Sister Rice Festival, or Sisters' Meal Festival in Taijiang County of Guizhou Province was once a local affair which provided opportunities for Miao lads and girls to meet and begin their courtship. It attracts thousands of natives who have gathered from many miles around, and has now become one of the most important tourist attractions in China. It provides a dazzling display of local dress, and a lot of entertainment including clamor of drums, firecrackers, canoeing contest, bullfighting, horse racing, singing and dancing competitions and even beauty contests.     View More>>
If you are interested in Chinese ethnic culture and custom, do not missed visiting the Sisters' Rice Festival in Guizhou and joining in the local people's celebrating activities. The journey would be a great memory never fades away for you. Any questions about the Sisters' Meal Festival or the trips, please feel free to contact us.
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