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Chixin Festival Tour | A fascination in Guizhou
Chixin Festival Tour
It will be an unforgettable experience in your life-time. We will explore China Southwest plus a special taste of Chixin Festival (or New Grain Tasting Festival ) in Guizhou province.
Highlights Of The Trip:
  • The breathtaking terraced fields in Longsheng.
  • The awesome beautiful karst landscape in Yangshuo and Guilin.
  • Eye-dazzling silver ornaments and the elaborate embroideries of the Miao ethnic group.
  • The little known ethnic groups, unique buildings, handicraft, legends, stories and culture in the less traveled mountain areas.
  • A grand traditional festival, that has a one-thousand-year history. Watch dance performances, sing antiphonal songs with the girls and boys, or enjoy other interesting activities with the locals.
Travel Route

Guilin -- Sanjiang -- southeast and southern parts of Guizhou province -- Guilin

Cities For Entry And Exit

Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and other major cities in China which has air links with Guilin.

About The Trip
  • The Trip will cover some ethnic areas. You will experience authentic cultures of different ethnic groups including Dong, Miao, Yao, and Zhuang.
  • Spend two days staying in the little visited ethnic villages for observing the florid costumes and the year’s most important festival activities of Miao ethnic group.
  • Accommodation: comfortable, clean and safe lodging, all with private hot shower & western toilet, and simple western breakfast. (The standard of the villages' family hotels may be somewhat lower than those of the towns.)
  • you will travel by car/van and the each day drive will be limited within 6 hours.
  • Food reminder: spicy food is served in these areas. But your guide can help you request non-spicy food in the local restaurants. If your doctor advises you against spicy food, we can prepare some food before the tour goes deep into the festival area.
  • The festival will be in the first week of Nov, 2011, so you will start the tour end of October. The tour duration will be around 14 days.
Trip Design And Inquiry

Our experienced guides, travel specialists and licensed drivers have done necessary trip inspection work before designing the tour itinerary, such as study the history, traditions, buildings, handiwork, and culture of different ethnic groups, and review the conditions of the hotels and transportation. If you're interested in the trip or have any questions for the details, please contact our travel consultants via the following ways.

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Chixin Festival Of The Miao Ethnic Group

Chixin Festival, or New Grain Tasting Festival is a very special agronomic festival in Southern China. It is traditionally celebrated by the ethnic groups of Gelao, Dong, Jino and Miao for a good harvest when the grain is ripe. From June to November, the festival is held in different areas according to the grain's ripening time.

The Miao ethnic group's Chixin Festival traditionally begins in October or November. A famous place to enjoy the Miao people's Chixin celebration is Danzhai, an ethnic county which is located in southeast Guizhou province. The festival has a history of more than 1,000 years. Apart from paying visit to relatives and offering fish and buffalos to ancestors, the Miao people also celebrate the festival as a love dating festival. The venues of the celebration, such as the village squares, paddy fields and riversides are the best places for boys and girls to make friends. In these scenes of revel, the girls wear their traditional garments, elaborate embroideries and silver ornaments to catch the lads' eyes, while the boys sing songs, perform Lusheng (reed-pipe wind instrument) dance to show off their talents before the girls from the morning to the evening.

A legend has it that the Miao ethnic group only lived on sweet potatoes and the edible wild herbs in the old days. They have no rice to eat until one day their dog stole nine seeds of grain from the heaven. They planted the grain but didn't get any good harvest. Some years later, a wise old man taught them the knowledge of growing grain, they had a plenteous good harvests in the following year and all their barns were filled with new grains. To memorize the old man, the Miao ethnic group began their New Grain Tasting Festival.