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China Trip Planning

  • Items Prohibited

    Travel to China, tourists had better try to keep clear of trouble. They must know which items are prohibited in carry-on luggage or check-in baggage at the Chinese airports.

  • Travel Cost in China

    Generally, it doesn't cost much to travel in China. If you travel with a tour group, virtually all your costs will be covered as part of the tour packages, with the exception of gifts and personal expenses. Although world travel prices have rise

  • Health issues during China Trip

    No special vaccinations are required, but those who have traveled from an infected area before coming to China should have vaccination records available for a Health Declaration form upon arrival.(Text by James Luke and Kong Xiaoling) Tourist travel

  • Medical Issues during China Trip

    All situations requiring medical attention will be handled at local facilities and medical service, at the guest's expense. Generally, a tour company will not be responsible for the quality of medical care guests received on the tour. All vis

  • Departure for China Travel

    Before departure for your China travel, pay attention to four aspects as below: Home Security - Notify family members and/or neighbors as to how long you will be away from home. Place valuables in the bank. Suspend all deliveries, including your ne

  • What to Pack for China Tours

    What to pack or bring on condition that you have followed China Customs Regulations. Pack as little as possible. Pack lightly rather than heavily. International flights will limit you to two check-in pieces and will also limit you (sometimes) to a co

  • Prepare for China Travel

    Without some knowledge, perhaps you are thinking that China is a difficult place to travel independently, especially outside the major cities and tourist sites of eastern and south western China. The easiest way to get to China is by joining a group

  • How to make travel Plan?

    Before you make specific travel plan, you should make sure of two things that how long and how much money you want to spend on the trip. After that, you need to spend some time doing some research, such as finding your preferred itinerary by searchin