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  • China Flights

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  • Weather & Times

    China Weather China Climate Zones Weather Introduction - Spread over such a vast area of territory, China has a complex topography; therefore China is subject to the worst extremes in weather, from the bitterly cold to the unbearably hot.

  • Codes & Numbers

    Useful telephone area codes and zip codes of Chinese major cities, especially free emergency numbers help you feeling easy to get around China. The country code of China is 86. Each Chinese city has its own area code and different zip code.

  • Shopping Guide

    Some travelers buy nothing in China while others come back loaded with souvenirs; it largely depends on what you're interested in. There are a variety of goods available and a variety of places to buy them. Before you buy, you sho

  • Maps of China

    At ChinaFactTours.com, a great number of very helpful atlas and maps are collected, scanned, and published for travelers and tourist visitors. The list of atlas and maps is made up of all kinds of national-wide maps, provincial maps, and major tour

  • Learn Simple Chinese

    when you are traveling in China, just try to speak simple Chinase language and do some exchange with local Chinese people, which will bring more real experience for China tours.

  • Chinese Measurements

    In China, Metric system is adopted as standard measurement in length, weight, volume, area and square measures. Also, Chinese people often use a part of their traditional measurement system. Please view a comparison between frequently-used Chinese

  • China Transportation

    A guide of China transportation can help you to get freely around the country. Transportation is of particular importance in China, as it covers such vast territory and is home to such a large population. Fo

  • Currency & Convertor

    A Brief Introduction of RMB (Renminbi)The bank notes of Chinese money is called Renminbi (RMB) means "The People's Currency". The popular unit of RMB is yuan" 1 yuan equals 10 jiao, 1 jiao equals 10 fen. There are parts of China where

  • China Media & Press

    China Media Guide - At China Fact Tours .com, a media guide is not meant to be a comprehensive or full list of Chinese media entities. The newspapers, magazines, TV stations and websites listed here are those that Chinese people pick up and read