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Lingxing Gate

The Lingxing Gate, also known as Heavenly Gate or Gate of Dragon and Phoenix, was a kind of ancient structure built in different places with different meanings in China. More often than not they stood in front of mausoleums, altars and temples dedicated to emperors. The Lingxing Gate comprises baluster columns and decorated tie-beams. The space between the columns has three to nine partitions which are either blocked with walls or left open with gates to symbolize access to heaven meaning that the deceased could ascend the sky once through this gate.

The Lingxing Gate (Lingxingmen) is also found in front of Confucian temples to symbolize the Confucian school's willingness to accept people with talent and virtue.

There is a beautiful Lingxing gate in the Temple of Confucius which is situated in the Xian Stele Forest Museum.

Also in the Beijing Confucian Temple Complex and the Temple of Confucius in Shandong Qufu can see the Lingxing gate.

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