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Chinese Sculpture & Carving

Chinese Carvings & Sculpture is an art that records a wonderful civilization of China. The delicate artworks of carving and sculpture reflect facts about the life of Chinese people all along the history. When talking about sculptures, people will most likely think of the ancient Roman architectural sculptures or the Greek nude sculptures; few are acquainted with the history or characteristics of Chinese sculpture. In fact, Chinese sculptural art, while differing greatly from its western counterparts, has thrived in a long historical process of development in many aspects.

Stone Sculpture

The works of Chinese Sculpture & Carving are in great variety and lend a fantastic visual effect. Chinese sculptors have sculpted delicate objects, such as figures, animals, plants and landscapes, with a number of new kinds of raw materials, such as stone, wood root, bamboo, clay, ice, nut, ivory, bone, sand and coal, apart from the traditional bronze and jade . Many of the works have become precious artistic pearls in the treasure house of Chinese art.

Stone Carvings

With beautiful modeling and refined craftsmanship, stone carvings are one kind of the most famous handicraft works and loved by many people and reputed as the Embroidery on Stones.

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