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Luoyang Peony Festival

The peony flower festival is hold from April 1st to May 10th every year in Luoyang City, Henan Province.

The Origin of the Festival
The Chinese people love peony very much and regard it as the national flower. Peony is of “ravishing beauty and heavenly fragrance,” raking first in all kinds of flowers. Since the Tang Dynasty, Luoyang has been known as the land of peony, enjoying the reputation of having the county’s most beautiful peonies. Cultivating and appreciating peonies have become the local customs, and peony is designated as the city flower of Luoyang. Now Luoyang grows over 500,000 peonies, which fall into over 350 species. “Yaohuang” and “Weizi”peonies are named as the “king” and “queen” of peonies. Starting from 1982, Luoyang holds the grand peony festival between April and May every year.

What's on during the Peony Festival?
During the peony festival, Luoyang holds a wide variety of activities, such as a large-scale theatrical performance, peony fairs, lantern fairs, the exhibitions of calligraphy, paintings and photos, symposiums and trade talks. Tourists can appreciate beautiful peonies at the Wangcheng Park and the Botanical Garden while tasting delicious food at the Peony Banquet, as well as various local snacks.

Where to See Peonies in Luoyang?
During the festivals, tourists can go these places to enjoy peonies in Luoyang: Shengzhou Peony Park, Wangcheng Park, China National Flowers’ Park, Botanical Garden on the Sui and Tang Ruins, National Peony Garden, International Peony Garden, Luoyang Peony Garden, Luoyang National Flower Garden, Tulip Garden, Xiyuan Park (including the Peony Lantern Fair), and Peony Park etc.

Entrance Ticket Prices
The entrance ticket prices of all these places (above mentioned) are not so high. According to the flowering phases of the peonies and different parks (or gardens), all the ticket prices (RMB) range from 20 to 50.

What to See in Luoyang Apart from the Peonies?
Apart from admiring the beauty of the peonies, tourists can visit the famous attractions on the peony festival, such as Longmen Grottoes which has been included in the world cultural heritage list, White Horse Temple, Cemetery of Guan Yu, Museum of Ancient Tombs, Chariot and Horse Pits, Luoyang Museum, Luoyang Old Street etc.

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