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Former Site of Huangpu Military Academy

The Huangpu Military Academy site, also called Army Military College, is located on Changzhou Island of Huangpu, over 20 kilometers from the southeast Guangzhou City.

The academy was set up in 1924 by It was set up in 1924 by Sun Yat-sen with assistance from the Soviet Union and the Communist Party of China, with the aim of training military officials during the period of first cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party.

Huangpu Military Academy Former SiteHuangpu Military Academy Former SiteHuangpu Military Academy Former Site

The military academy was lead by Sun Yat-sen, with Jiang Jieshi as headmaster, Liao Zhongkai as the representative of the party, Zhou Enlai as the director of the politics department, some communists responsible for teaching tasks. The academy offered courses like infantry, artillery, sapper, impedimenta troops, military policeman, politics and so on.

In 1924 to 1927, Huangpu Military Academy offered four terms of study to 4,981 students. It turned out to be a great success that many famous generals from both the Communist Party and the Kuomintang receiving their training there, including the Liu Zhidan, Chiang Xianyun, Xu Xiangqian, Chen Geng, Zuo Quan and so on.

The former site of Huangpu Military Academy was destroyed during China's War of Resistance against Japan and was recovered in 1964. And there are still some relics left such as the Huangpu Military Academy gate, Sun Yat-sen's old residence, the monument to Sun Yat-sen, the mausoleum for the martyrs of the Dongjiang Battle and the academy club.

Traffic: Take the No.430 bus and get off at Huangpu Military Academy station; or take buses No. 43, 210, 227, and 292 at Tianhe bus station and get off at the Yuxie Hill bus stop; take marine buses at the South Mansion station and get off at the Yuzhu Dock and then transfer to a ferry which charges RMB 1 yuan per person.

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