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Dragon Tower

Dragon Tower, Harbin Travel PhotosThe Dragon Tower (Long Ta) in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, the highest steel structure tower in Asia, makes icon of the nation's leading scenic spots in terms of infrastrucure and service quality. The first steel tower of Asia is 336 meters high, like a dazzling jewel inlaid on the earth of Heilongjiang.

The base of Dragon Tower consists of underground floor and the first four floors above the ground. At the main hall, there is a Holy Altar of Descendant of the Yellow Emperor. In the second floor, there are Confucius’ School, Wax Work Museum and the exhibition of popularization science -- here you can see the fossil of the dinosaurs.

The Dragon Tower collects many kinds of comprehensive functions, including the transmission of television or radio in the tower, go sightseeing, in a body advertisement propagate, food and beverage amusement, scientific and technological paradise, wireless communication, environmental meteorological observation and monitoring, etc., and become new significant view of Harbin, well-known city of northern part of the country, that has enjoyed the reputation of "eastern Moscow" and even Heilongjiang Province.

On the Draogon Tower, a scientific and technological paradise behaviour area is located in tower flat world with glamour space limiteless, let you enjoy oneself so much as to forget to go home; MTV photography recording canopy will help you to realize the colored star's dream; Dragon advertising exhibition locating inside and outside of the tower, show corporate image, "gold stage" of enterprise promoting product sales.

The Dragon Tower's halls are located from 181m to 206m, consisting of a flying saucer in the bottom and a ball-shape hall on the top.  You can go up in an elevator to 181- meter-high. Arrive 181-meter-high visit layer, gaze for into the distance everything, step on transparent glass fibre reinforced plastic floor just like strolling among the clouds; 185-meter-high revolving restaurant, adopts the domestic first getting straggly platform, view and food & beverage melting each other, bring up the new concept of food and beverage of port Harbin; 190 meter is the outdoor platform for sightseeing. Here you can have a bird’s view of the whole city. You can not only see the dense building zone in the downtown, but also look afar our mother river, the Songhua River and the famous city swamp, Sun Island; 203 meter is the exhibition of Jin-Origin Culture. There exhibit some valuable cultural relics from Jin Dynasty to Qing Dynasty. As the capital of the Jin Dynasty and the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty, there are lot of cultural relics disperse on the vast territory; 206 meters' hall prays for good fortune, a Buddha shrine among the heaven. Here you can experience the longstanding Buddhism culture.

In addition, the Dragon Tower is the best place that travel and shopping, recration getting happy, the recreation square of the Dragon Tower is the new develping pleasant world in the city.

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