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Jinyuan Cultural Tourist Area

Harbin Jinyuan Cultural Tourist Area is located in Acheng District (aka Acheng City), about 23km from Harbin downtown. In 1115, Wanyan Aguda unified the Nuzhen (aka Jurchens, they were a Tungus people who inhabited the region of Northeast China until the seventeenth century, when they became known as the Manchus.) and established the Jin Dynasty, he decided on Acheng (called Shangjing at that time) as the capital. The emperor built his palace in the current site and made it became the biggest city and the center of culture, politics, military and economy in Northeast Asia.

Jinyuan Cultural Tourist Area is a well-preserved site of the culture of Jin Dynasty. Today, the Meridian Gate and palace has been well kept, the walls of outside city, barbican entrance, turret and moat existed. In the area, a musuem had been built for showing the relics of the Jing Dynasty. The museum consits of eight exhibition halls: 1. the exhibition of development course of Shangjing; 2. the economic and cultural exhibition of Shangjing; 3. the joint burial tomb exhibition of Mawangdui King and Wanyan Yanfuxi King; 4. the theme exhibition of bronze mirrors; 5. the exhibition of cultural relics; 6. the exhibition of calligraphy and paintings; 7. the exhibition of modern craftworks and calligraphy; 8. ruins of the imperial city.

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