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Harbin Ski Resorts

Yabuli Ski Resort
Yabuli Ski Resort is about 193km from Harbin downtown. Being the biggest and best ski resort in China at present, it provides great skiing with high mountains and excellent snow. The resort has some famous skiing schools. It is also the biggest training centre for alpine skiers in China and hosts of many professional skiing competitions. In 1996 and 2009, the 3rd Winter Asian Games and the 24th Winter Universiade were once held here respectively. Yabuli Ski Resort also offers very excellent hotels and restaurants.

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Yabuli Sunshine Holiday Village Ski Resort
Yabuli Sunshine Holiday Village is about 193 km from Harbin City. It is the first destination holiday village with winter skiing as the theme. As the birthplace of China's skiing tourism industry, Yabuli Sunshine Holiday Viallage has been chosen as the skier's village in the 3rd Asian Winter Sports and selected as the permanent convention site by the Chinese Entrepreneur Forum. With the longest alpine slideway of 2.68 kilometers in Asia and 17 skiing tracks in different ranks in a total length of 31,075 meters, the resort can accommodate 5,700 skiers at the same time. It is a dreamlike wonderland for skiers and non-skiers.

Harbin Institute Of Physical Education Skifield
Harbin Institute Of Physical Education SkifieldAka Harbin Institute of Physical Education Maor Cheonmasan Ski Resort, is located 85 km to the southeast of Harbin and 90 km away from the urban proper at the outskirts of Maoershan (Mt. Maoer) Town. It is convenient to public transport beacause of the available railway and highway. This park has been the venue for single-board skiing and biathlon competition in the 24th Winter Universiade.

Yawangsi Ski Resort
Yawangsi Ski Resort is located at the Yabuli Tourist Scenic Area, being 196 km away from Harbin. With the roads crisscrossing and the railways extending in all directions, it has convenient traffic. A five-star hotel is built up there. The resort covers about 100,000 sq. m, possesses two alpine slideways, an elementary skiing field and a high speed cableway hanging double chairs. More than 2,000 people can ski at the same time.

Jihua Changshou Mountain Ski Resort
Jihua Changshou Mountain Ski ResortThe Jihua Changshou Mountain Ski Resort is located in Binxi National Forest Park, about 38 kilometers from Harbin downtown and is one of the best-known ski resorts in China. Built in a natural basin and surrounded by mountains, the towering peaks snake around and enclose the resort forming a natural wind-sheltered haven. The resort has 15 different ski slopes, which in total cover a distance of 30 kilometers, cater for beginner, medium and advanced-level skiers. The resort is the training base for Harbin Sking Team. It is a good place for cross-country skiing. 

Erlongshan Ski Resort
Erlongshan Ski Resort is about 60 km from Harbin downtown. The resort has 8 trails for different skiers. The child ski ground is the first of its kind in China. The ski resort covers around 780,000 square meters, and is capable of holding 4,000 skiers at the same time. The lift from the resort base to the top offers unique views of undulating countryside. Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, skiing schools are available in the ski resort. Here, tourists can enjoy many ice activities, such as snowmobile driving, tyre sliding, sledging, sleighing and so on.

Huatian Wumiji Ski Resort
Huatian Wumiji Ski ResortThe resort is 114 km away from Harbin, and is the host of three previous National Skiing Competitions. Here, it has brought up more than 700 national champion in skiing. Now there are 3 sking trails, 3 towlines and 1 aerial tramway, together with various amusements like snowmobiling, snow flying disk, and skating.

Pingshan Shenlu Ski Resort
Pingshan Shenlu Ski Resort is located in Pingshan (Mt. Pingshan) Town, Acheng City, about 70 km from Harbin downtown area, belongs to the national sss-level ski resort. It has 7 trails for diferent skiers and offers excellent hotels, restaurants, and interesting ice and snow activities. 

Mingdu Ski Field
Mingdu Ski FieldHarbin Mingdu Ski Field is a garden ski field. Located in Haping Lu, Dongli District, this ski field is only 20 minute-drive from downtown area. It has 4 ski trails, which are cater to differnt level skiers, even the kids. There are thousands of imported brand luxury equipments. What's more, there are skiing bicycles, karts and motors for additional pleasure.

Fanqi Shangjing International Ski Resort
Surrounded by thick forest, the resort has 1,000 sets of snow boards and 3 trails, and the total trail length of 5,000 meters. As it appears, the skiing comes out to what it really is, no longer a hard hunt for speed from the upper to lower side in the cold world, but a pleasant dance on the snow, together with dancing mountain and dancing heart.

Window Of Eurasian Ski Field
Window Of Eurasian Ski FieldEurasian Window Ski Field is built in the beautiful Harbin Window of Eurasia Theme Park. The ski field has 2 trails for the beginers and the intermediate skiers. It belongs to the national ss-level ski field. The resort is an all-inclusive destination offering sightseeing, entertainment, bodybuilding and ice tour.

Yuquan International Hunting Ground Ski Resort
Being 55 km to the southeast of Harbin, it covers 3,000 hectares. There are 6 sking trails in the resort, among which the longest reaches 1,670 m. The resort has many entertainment like hunting, watching deer in garden, driving horse, dogsled and so on.

Weihu Mountain National Forest Park Ski Resort
Weihu Mountain National Forest Park Ski ResortThe ski resort is located in Weihushan Mountain National Forest Park of Yuquan Town, about one-hour-drive from Harbin Taiping International Airport (50km). The resort has 5 ski trails and offers very beautiful scenery. Here, tourists can enjoy many ice and snow activities including snow football, skijoring, snow moutain drifting, puck playing, as well as Paintball gunfighting.

Xudong Lantian Ski Resort
The land of more than 60,000 square meters is coveredf in white and crystal snow. The field ranks SS, especially suitable for children and the old. There are 3 skiing trails with a length of 2,000 m. There are winter sports events with the authentic northern feature for relaxation like rolling tires, spinning top on Ice and Snow Storm.

Harbin Moon Bay Ski Field
Harbin Moon Bay Ski FieldMoon Bay (Yueliangwan) Ski Field neighbors the beautiful Sun Island. It covers an area of 200,000 square meters with a comprehensive building of 2,000 square meters, and it is an integrated leisure and holiday resort that provides catering, accommodation and entertainment. The ski field provides exclusive night skiing and some other entertainments like horse riding, bike riding, and dogs or goats driving sleds, which would create a new field for tourists to enjoy themselves in the snow.

Ice And Snow World Ski Field
The Ice And Snow World Ski Field is adjacent to the Ice And Snow World in southeast, nearby the Songhua River Highway Bridge (Songhuajiang Gonglu Daqiao). This ski field has only two rails for the beginers and the intermediate skiers.

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