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Arts and Crafts

Chinese traditional arts represent a great part of the country's rich heritage. Since ancient time, Chinese society has cherished excellence in its arts. Chinese art is unique symbol of oriental civilization. Enjoy these China arts facts!  Mentally, Chinese people are proud of a deposit of long history and rich culture. In substance, they have created a great deal of art and craft products. A well-known example is the "Great Ancient Four Invention ".

  • Chinese Silk

    In ancient time, China was called 'The Empire of Clothing' because of Chinese silk products. It is well known that silk is discovered in China as one of the best materials for clothing - it has a look and feeling of richness that no other ...

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  • Chinese Sculpture & Carving

    Chinese Carvings & Sculpture is an art that records a wonderful civilization of China. The delicate artworks of carving and sculpture reflect facts about the life of Chinese people all along the history. When talking about sculptures ....

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  • Chinese Quyi

    As an ancient performing art in China, Quyi is a general term that covers several different types of performances in which speech, singing or both are used. Quyi is profoundly rooted in Chinese time-honored history and culture.

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  • Chinese Shadow Puppet Show

    Chinese shadow puppet show (play), also called Piying Show or Piying Xi in Chinese language, is a traditional folk art, the origin of which can be traced back to the Western Han Dynasty (206BC - 25 AD).

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  • Chinese Pearls

    History of Pearls in ChinaThe delicate beauty of pears has fascinated mankind since the dawn of time. Both primitive tribes and advanced civilizations have cherished the aesthetically pure shape of the pearl representing a special appreciation ....

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  • Chinese Paper Cut

    The Paper Cut (the Papercut or Jian Zhi in Chinese ) is a traditional art in China which has been making its way along the route of the long history of paper. The kind of art went after the invention of paper in the Han Dynasty

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  • Chinese Painting

    Painted animals, fish, deer, and frogs on colored pottery excavated with indication of the Neolithic Period are the primary form of Chinese traditional painting. After thousand of years' development, Chinese traditional painting is highly ....

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  • Chinese Music

    The richness of Chinese civilization also finds its energy in a important art form - Chinese music. The origins of Chinese music can be dated back to distant antiquity. Approximately 8000 years ago.

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