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Arts and Crafts

Chinese traditional arts represent a great part of the country's rich heritage. Since ancient time, Chinese society has cherished excellence in its arts. Chinese art is unique symbol of oriental civilization. Enjoy these China arts facts!  Mentally, Chinese people are proud of a deposit of long history and rich culture. In substance, they have created a great deal of art and craft products. A well-known example is the "Great Ancient Four Invention ".

  • Chinese Lacquer Ware

    The lacquer ware is one of exquisite Chinese crafts. As early as in the New Stone Age, Chinese ancestors started to produce lacquer wares. The original wares in China were those coated with black and red lacquers.

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  • Chinese Wushu or Kung Fu

    Maybe Chinese culture had been looked as backward since the late Ming dynasty compared with the western culture; it still owns its unique and splendid cultural legacy which will never lose its charm.

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  • Chinese Jade

    A follow-up story of the famous Chinese jade 'He Shi Bi '( Mr. He and His Jade) happened in Warring States Period and then produced a popular Chinese idiom (Wan Bi Gui Zhao in Chinese Pinyin and means ....

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  • Chinese Games

    Classic Chinese games are a very important part of Chinese culture. When traveling in China, you stroll through the streets and you'll see and hear people playing Chinese traditional games for relaxation, fun and more.

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  • Chinese Dances

    China dance, as a comprehensive art form, is an important part of the ancient Chinese term "Yue" which includes several elements such as poems, songs, dances and music. Chinese dance has its own unique vocabulary, meanings ....

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  • Chinese Culture

    China is a wonderful and awe-inspiring country. It boasts a history of more than five thousand years. Now in the world, it is the only continuous ancient civilization, while other ancient civilizations ....

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  • Chinese Ceramics

    Ceramic is a word that generally refers to art, practice and technique preparing ceramic objects or the objects made by this method. Ceramic product, refers to earthenware, chinaware, pottery, porcelain and porcelain enamel is made of clay ....

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  • Chinese Calligraphy

    China calligraphy art has historically served several roles, with a balance required between the practical transmission of textual information and the creation of aesthetic impact with brush and ink.

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