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Arts and Crafts

Chinese traditional arts represent a great part of the country's rich heritage. Since ancient time, Chinese society has cherished excellence in its arts. Chinese art is unique symbol of oriental civilization. Enjoy these China arts facts!  Mentally, Chinese people are proud of a deposit of long history and rich culture. In substance, they have created a great deal of art and craft products. A well-known example is the "Great Ancient Four Invention ".

  • Ancinent Chinese Bronze Vessels

    For centuries, ancient Chinese civilization has been known only through written records. However, the dramatic discoveries of bronze vessels and other treasures from the past are revealing the secrets of ancient Chinese world.

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  • Chinese Acrobatics

    Chinese Acrobatics (Zaji) is one of the oldest performing arts. The history of acrobatics can be traced back of between 475-221BC in China. In the long course of development, the Chinese acrobatic art has ....

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