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Close-Eaved Pagoda

This is an earliest style of Chinese pagodas, typified by the Pagoda of Chongyue Temple (Chongyuesi) in Dengfeng County, Henan Province. Built in A.D. 523 in the Northern Wei Dynasty, it is also one of the oldest existing pagodas in the country.

The twelve-sided, 41-metre-tall pagoda is built entirely of blue bricks. The body is girdled round by 15 closely-arranged eaves, which get smaller in beautiful proportions towards the tapering top. The inside of the pagoda is a structure of 10 floors, its octagonal rooms linked up by wooden stairs.

The Chongyue Temple Pagoda is of great value in the history of Chinese architecture. Constructed in an age long before the reinforced concrete was dreamed of, the all-brick structure, despite the ravages of wind and rain over 1,400 years, is still standing erect in testimony to the high level of skills at the command of the unknown ancient builders.

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