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Jilin City

Jilin City is a prefecture-level city in Jilin Province in China. It has a population of 1,985,000 (metropolitan 4,514,000) and a metropolitan area of 27,120 km². Jilin is the only major city with a homologous name to the province which it is located.

Jilin City is also called River City (Chinese:江城), which was originated from one sentence, "Chinese: 连樯接舰屯江城", of a poem written by Kangxi Emperor when he was visiting Jilin City in 1682. The alias name is also because of the Songhua River surrounding almost the whole city.

Jilin City is situated in a hilly area near the Songhua River. There are four famous mountains surrounding Jilin City, which is North Moutanin in the west, Long Tan Mountain in the east, Zhuque Mountain in the North, and Turtle Mountain in the south, plus Songhua River, it forms a buagua in Taiji pattern. North Mountain, called Beishan, is the most famous mountain in Jilin City. It's said, Emperor Qianlong had come and visited the mountain. It is also said that there are several Buddhist temples on the mountain.

Jilin City is a popular destination for tourists to come each winter to view the magnificent rime ice on trees along the banks of the Songhua River, (the river is the only river in the region that doesn't freeze in winter). The rime ice is a natural phenomenon that occurs every year during January and February. It is a result of when water vapor rises up from the warm Songhua River to meet the cold -20 °C night air, causing the crystallisation of water vapour on willows branches. The ice-rimed trees in Jilin are one of the four natural wonders of China, along with the Guilin Mountains and Streams, Yunnan Stone Forest, and Three Gorges on the Yangtze River.

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