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Tianyahaijiao is situated at the southern tip of Hainan Island, about 24- km west of Sanya, facing the South China Sea. Covering a land area of 10.4 square kilometers and a sea area of 6 square kilometers,Tianyahaijiao is probably the most well-known attraction on Hainan Island.

Tianyahaijiao was an important pass in the ancient times, with many huge rocks springing irregularity from the ground. In the Tang and Song dynasties, rebel officials were often sent here for penal servitude. Far away from home, they considered it the ends of the Earth. So four characters "天涯" (Tianya: means End of the Heaven ) and "海角"(Haijiao means Corner of the Sea) were carved later on two towering rocks on the seashore here. A survey proves that “Tian Ya” was the handwriting by Cheng Zhe of the Qin dynasty, but the one who wrote “Hai Jiao” is still unknown. The path between the two rocks is too narrow for man to pass when the tides are high. The broad gulf of “Tiann Ya Hai Jiao” is filled with crystal-clear water dotted by white boats, and coconut trees. One is intoxicated in this pictorial world. Since the water and the sky are blended in one color, one cannot identify the horizon and will feel at the end of the earth. It is praised as magnificent scenery in south China.

A Story about Tianyahaijiao
There is a romantic story about the two standing rocks on the beach of Tianyahaijiao. In ancient times, a boy fell in love with a girl without parents' approval. Their love was broken up because the boy's family was old enemy to the girl's. They are forced to elope from home to Tianyahaijiao where was no way for them to go afar. The young lovers chose the place for their wedding ceremony. And then, they jumped into the sea together and were turned into two rocky stones respectively by God. Now to Chinese people, the two rocks symbolizes eternal and faithful love.

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