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Shenzhen Safari Park

Shenzhen Safari Park is situated at the north of Shenzhen city, at the bank of beautiful Xili Lake. It covers an area of 1,200,000 square kilometers, holds over 10,000 animals grouped into 300 species. All the animals are living in encaged environment.

Shenzhen Safari Park Shenzhen Safari Park Shenzhen Ocean World

Much of the animals at the zoo are either nationally protected animals in China or some of the rarest species in the world. White tigers (Bengal tigers), North China tigers (Siberian tigers), South China tigers, bears, wolves and other animals can be found in the park. It is the only park that homes the rarest liger or tigon!  All the animals are grouped and the whole park is divided into 3 parts: Beasts' Zone, Chinese Tiger Hill and vegetarian zone and other areas.

In the animal performance zone, visitors can see the grand shows by animals. Each day the zoo orchestrates 10 performances each held in the 4 animal halls, these include the Birds Performance Hall, Sea lion Performance Hall, the Elephants and Tiger Show Hall and the Circus Hall. Another exciting performance played by more than 300 actors and about 1,000 animals is also a pioneer in the world.

Admission Fee: CNY 100
Open Time: 08:30 - 18:30
Traffic: 101, 104, 240, 226, 361, 66, 237

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