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Dujiangyan City is a county-level city of Chengdu, Sichuan Province in Southwest China. It has an area of 1207 square kilometers and a population of 630,000 in 2008.

Dujiangyan city is located on the northwestern fringe of Chengdu plain. The southeast part is 36 km from Chengdu City. Its east longitude is in the scope of that 103°25′42″- 103°47′and north latitude is in the scope of that 30°44′54″ - 31°22′9″.

Dujiangyan is belong to the inferior subtropical zone with clear four seasons without extreme hot weather in summer (Extreme top temperature is 32℃) and extreme cool weather in winter (Extreme bottom temperature is -5℃. Only in a few years). The precipitation rain fall is abundant and weather is comfortable. The annual average temperature is 15.2℃. The average air temperature of January is 4.6℃, and average air temperature of July is 24.7℃. The annual average rainfall is 1,200 mm, and the annual average nonfrost period is 280 days.

The ancient name of Dujiangyan is Jianyan just because there is Jian River in city flows to Minjiang River. It was governed as Du’an County in Shuhan epoch, so it was also called Duanyan. Dujiangyan is called after North Song dynasty. The names of the county that weir (Dujiangyan Irrigation System) is in ever been called Daojiang County, Guan Canton and Guan (in Chinese literally "irrigation" ) County. The Chinese State Council created a county-level city in May 1988, and renamed it in honor of the Dujiangyan Irrigation System (aka Jujiangyan Weir), which is located in the northwestern area of the city, famous for still providing neighboring major city Chengdu with water even though it was built around 250 BC.

Dujiangyan is the place of the world natural and cultural heritages. It integrates the water culture of Dujiangyan Irrigation System and the Taoism culture of Mt. Qingcheng. It annotates the distillation of water culture and Taoism culture and demonstrates the cultural connotations by means of thousand-year old weir, mountains and water.

Tourist Attractions
Fulong Taoism Temple, Anlan Suspension Bridge, Erwang Tempe, City Gold Temple, Lingyan Temmple, Qianfo Tower, Qinyan Tower, South Bridge, Yuecheng Lake, Mt. Qingcheng, Dujiangyan Irrigation System. Among them, the last two were designated as the world natural and cultural heritage sites by the UNESCO.

Airport: Only 45 minutes by vehicle from Dujiangyan City to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport.

Railway: 60 km from Dujiangyan City to Chengdu North Railway Station.

Highway: Chengguan expressway, Lao Chengguan, Chegndu-Qing Tourism High Speed Passage are through to Dujiangyan City. And tourist could by special line buses to Dujiangyan City in Chadianzi Passenger Transportation Center, and North Bus Station.

Bus: No.1 and No.4 buses are available from Dujiangyan spots. Specail Line from Dujiangyan Passenger Transportation Center to Mt. Qingcheng, Qingcheng Back Mountain. Specail line of No. 101 and No.102 buses are available from Dujiangyan Transportation Center to Mt. Qingcheng.

Transport in some scenic areas: Tour vehicle (Tour in Dujianglyan); cable car (Mt. Qingcheng cable car); Yacht (Yuecheng Lake, Cuiying Lake in Back Qingcheng Mountain)

Dujiangyan Festivals
-Water Releasing Festival of Dujiangyan: Dujiangyan is the headwaters of land of abundance and it is beneficial to the whole Western Sichuan Plain. The Tomb-sweeping Dy in every lunar calendar year (April 5) is the Greatest festival in Dujiangyan irrigation area. In that day, with the masterminding of local government bigwig who plays the role as officiate, the weir workers would stump bamboo ropes and pull down macha (wood tripod to hold water) to release water. Both banks of the weir are crowded. People would be cheered and gamboled facing to the torrential water. In 2006, Water Releasing Festival of Dujiangyan was added to the list of the first batch of Unique Culture Heritage Record.

-Libing Culture Festival: One the 24th June lunar calendar every year, the people who are benefited by Dujiangyan Weir would wals out the homes bring along with the young and the old to fete in Erwang Temple would be crowded and busy.

-Mt. Qingcheng Mountaineering Festival: Mt. Qingcheng Mountaineering Festival, with construction and outdoors sports resort for people. It is acknowledged by all social circles and it was the holding place of National Mountaineering Festival set point in 2006. With the very tall forest and thousand-year old culture depositions, mountaineering in Mt. Qingcheng would be the first choice of more people.

-Mt. Qingcheng Taoism Culture Festival: Mt. Qingcheng is the cradle place of Chinese Taoism and famous Taoism culture tourism holy place. To Preserve Health is the theme and masterstroke of Mt. Qingcheng Taoism Culture Festival activity. Many themes are set here such as Supernatural Mountain Chess Playing, Wushu Performance. Thousand People Taiji, Taoism Medicine, Taoism Meal. To walk Along With Taoist. Blessing Light Reflection, Taoism Blessing Ceremony, and Ask the Way in Qingcheng. Weiqi (the go), Wushu, medicine, meal, tea Tao, and exhibition of Taoism health preservation culture tourism products are included in. All above would attract numbers of tourists to Ask the Way in Mt. Qingcheng.

-Dujiangyan Summer Night Beer Festival: From May to Oct. every year, night beer drinking is prevailing in Dujiangyan City. Both banks of river in city are put on a false show of peace and prosperity with refulgent lamplight and extraordinary splendor. On the bank side of rivers, great numbers of people fill wine for each other and sing with drinking. All friends come from all corners of the land would gather here convivially. Dujiangyan Summer Night Beer Festival had become the charming sight of Chengdu night life.

Dujiangyan Hot Pot
Dujiangyan hot pot inherited the five main characteristics of Sichuan traditional hot pot such as tingle, hot, fresh, fragrant, and sweet. Moreover, it also be nice, tender, hot, crisp, and bright. The color is more red and bright, and the flavor is more fresh and delicious. If you visit Dujiang City, two famous hot pot restaurants cannot be miss, they are Liu Yishou Hot Pot and Xiao Tian’e Hot Pot Mall.

Special Dishes
The special dishes of Dujiangyan is on basis of Mt. Qingcheng Taoism health cultivation dishes and Sichuan dishes. Mt. Qingcheng Taoism health cave dishes integrate the health preservation delicious foods of Qingcheng Taoist with modern dietetics and gastrology, blend it with abundant Taoism health preservation connotation and historical literary quotation to show you a cultural meal when you taste delicious foods. And the Sichuan flavor river food that the raw material is on basis of local river foods is delicious and you should not miss a tasting.

Local Snacks
As many ancient cities of China, there are also lot of local flavor snacks here in Dujiangyan City. Besides branches of the Chengdu famous old brand snacks here, there are also lot of snacks with local characteristics. For example: Baba Dish of Jiang’an Bridge, Gou Shallot Roll, You Rabbit Head, Guo Boiled Dumpling, Zhao Noodles, and the Bun of Liao Family.

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