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Water Town Tours

Private tours around water towns in China will offer a special aged culture findings.
  • Hanghzou Travel Photos

    6-Day Shanghai and Wuzhen Tour

    Shanghai Expo, water town with a long history more than thousand years, frightful footbinding history of the ancient Chinese women, traditional medical science, interesting local shadow puppet show, historical garden ... we will explore the authentic Chinese facts from ancient to modern times. >> Itinerary Details

  • Wuzhen

    5-Day Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Tour

    Like a bright pearl set in the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, Shanghai is nicknamed the "Oriental Paris" and the "Showcase of China's Fast Growth". Suzhou and Hangzhou are rivals for the position of "Paradise on Earth" and it is truly hard to separate them. This tour package is the best combination of the three amazing cities. >> Itinerary Details

  • Tongli Water Town

    5-Day China Water Town Tour

    This line is a classical east China tour package which includes the Oriental Paris—Shanghai, the world-renowned garden city—Suzhou and the water paradise-Tongli Old Town. Pay a visit to these destinations you will bound to be amazed by their unique and beautiful attractions! >> Itinerary Details

  • Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute

    4-Day Suzhou And Shanghai Tour

    During this four day tour, you will see the most famous ancient private Suzhou gardens in the world, taste the delicious Chinese food, enjoy the wonderful Chinese acrobatic show, know something about Chinese silk, watch the cultural relics, and witness the fast growth of Shanghai... >> Itinerary Details

  • The Bund Shanghai

    5-Day Classic Shanghai and Suzhou Tour

    Well designed ancient gardens, old stone bridges, peculiar Gusu culture, modern and ancient buildings, and delicious Chinese food... the 5-Day Shanghai and Suzhou City Tour will make you enjoy yourself so much as to forget to go home. >> Itinerary Details

  • Humble Adiministrator's Garden

    5-Day Shanghai Suzhou Highlights Tour

    This tour will show you the famous highlights in the Oriental Paris-Shanghai and the World of Garden & the Capital of Silk-Suzhou. From fashion to old, from the ancient temples to the exquisite gardens, from the metropolis to the small water town...your tour will be absolutely unforgettable! >> Itinerary Details