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Hongkong Tours

Hong Kong offers unique experiences, such as The Peak, Star Ferry, Tramways, Repulse Bay, fishing villages, dynamic street markets, bustling shopping areas, Disneyland, Ocean Park and etc.
  • 4-Day Hong Kong Highlights Tour

    From modern skyscrapers to traditional temples and villages that have changed little over the centuries, Hong Kong has it all -- often side-by-side. The choice is endless, but you can never go wrong with us. >> Itinerary Details

  • 3-Day Hong Kong Travel

    There is so much to explore in Hong Kong, but you may have a problem knowing where to start, so here is a package. Just step outside and start exploring. There is a good chance you will be in the vicinity of a famous landmark, park, famous market and harbor... >> Itinerary Details

  • 2-Day Hong Kong Impressions Tour

    Reputed as an international financial, trading, shipping, information, tourism and free port, Hong Kong is the world champion in a dozen fields. This package tour will show you some facts about this most dynamic city in the Far East. >> Itinerary Details