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Traveling in China

  • China Travel by Water

    China has a vast sea area with the Bohai Sea, the Yellow Sea, and the East China Sea in the east, and the South China Sea in the south. The latter three border the Pacific Ocean. China's long coastline has ports in Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou,

  • Biking in China

    BicyclesIn many tourist cities, such as Beijing, bicycles are for rent in hotels. People can also look around in Beijing by a three-wheeled vehicle driven by man. Another example, biking in Tibet or on the through the ancients villages of rural China

  • Road Tour in China

    HighwaysA national network of roads including national, provincial highways and countryside ways has build and greatly improved. Moreover, great efforts are being made to construct more expressways and Class I and Class II highways for motor traffic,

  • Train Travel in China

    Travel by rail is an enjoyable, relaxing, and inexpensive way to see China's countryside. New or modernized equipment has replaced the old train systems in most areas. Travelers who lack the time to cover vast distances by train can still get a

  • Where to Go For China Tour?

    Stretching more than 3,000 miles from the western shore of the Pacific Ocean across the face of Asia, China is a country of unlimited size and variety.

  • When to Go China for Travel?

    China is a vast country with wide-ranging climatic conditions, climate varying from bitter cold in winter to unbearable heat in summer, so a decision about the best time to visit should be based on the regions you plan to tour and the kind of weather