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When to Go China for Travel?

China is a vast country with wide-ranging climatic conditions, climate varying from bitter cold in winter to unbearable heat in summer, so a decision about the best time to visit should be based on the regions you plan to tour and the kind of weather you enjoy. Please view more details about China climate and weather or city weather forecast.

Generally, the best time to visit China is autumn and spring. During that period, temperatures are reasonable throughout China (68F to 75F) with a limited amount of rain. September for example is the only month in the year when the ancient and valuable paintings of the Beijing Palace Museum are displayed due to proper climate conditions (low humidity and proper temperature).The best way to deal with weather unpredictability is to wear layered clothing that will make you comfortable with both chilly and warmer weather. The warmer months to travel are from April to October.

Summer (from June to the end of August) can be extremely hot with temperatures well above 72F, especially in the famous 'four furnaces' of China: Wuhan, Tianjin, Chongqing and Nanchang. Most of China's annual rainfall occurs in summer, so despite the heat, wet days can be expected during this period. Travelers should not forget umbrellas, light raincoats and rubber/plastic shoes. Winter can be incredibly cold especially in the north. Off season travel can also offer its rewards. For example the Harbin Winter Ice Lantern Festival is quite charming.

Regardless the time of the year, a visitor will always be rewarded with charming scenery throughout China.

China's climate can be compared to that of the United States in that therefore seasons, a primarily temperate climate, and conditions that varies widely from region to region. We will be traveling through very different kinds of weather:

Beijing in March will be like Washington DC at the same period—sometimes quite chilly, often windy, occasionally dusty--then warmer by late April, and in the 90's by May; On our traveling in mid-China will hit cool to warm weather (and very cold if climbing a mountain);

Shanghai and Hong Kong in May/June will be in the high 90's, with humidity to match. North-Central China (Beijing, Xian) is similar in climate to Nebraska and Kansas, with less snow and rain during the winter. Late winter and early spring bring regular dust storms and haze.

South-central China (Shanghai, Guangzhou) is comparable to the Gulf Coast states, through winter storms do not occur as often. Summer is hot and humid with frequent rain. Winter is shorter, cooler, and often overcast with drizzle. Northeast China (Shenyang, Harbin) is similar to Minnesota. Summer is hot and dry, and winter is long and very cold.

Xinjiang (Urumqi, Kashgar) experiences severe climatic conditions with dramatic daily temperature swings. Summer can get very hot during the day, but generally cools off at night. Similarly, winter temperatures warm up during the day but plummet at night.

Tibet (Lhasa,Shigatse) also sees marked changes. When the sun shines, temperatures reach the mid-80s in the summer and the mid-60s in the winter. At night or when it rains or snows, temperatures drop significantly. Precipitation is minimal in the winter; summer showers are more common but occur mainly at night.

Before decide when to take a tour, it is worth checking carefully the weather conditions of each city on the itinerary. Of course, if you choose the most attractive season to visit, you also choose the time when tourist spots and hotels are most stuffed. Nevertheless, whenever you come, China is confident to offer you various charming scenes around the country.

While China is a year-round destination, the months of May, September, and October are ideal months for travel anywhere in the country. In the north, the winters are cold, and summers are warm, with moist monsoon air streams making it hot (80% of China's rainfall occurs between late May and early October, mostly in the Southern regions). June through August is a good time to visit central and northern China. Spring and autumn are the best months for travel in Southern China. The months of March and April are the lower-priced shoulder season; while the lowest price, off-season travel, is from November through the winter months. This is when adventuresome travelers are rewarded with unbelievably low prices and far fewer fellow tourists.

Regardless the time of the year, a visitor will always be rewarded with charming scenery throughout China.

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