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Zhuhai New Yuanming Palace

The New Yuanming Palace (also called the New Summer Palace) is constructed as a replica of the Old Summer Palace in Beijing, located at the foot of Mt. Dashilin, not far away from Zhuhai city. The New Yuanming Palace recovered many scenic spots in the old palace combined with modern features.

Zhuhai New Yuanming PalaceZhuhai New Yuanming PalaceZhuhai New Yuanming Palace

Covering a total area of 1.39 square kilometers with the Fuhai Lake occupying 80 thousand kilometers; The New Yuanming Palace is surrounded with green mountains on three sides with south side left open. It composes the classic imperial palace complex, the traditional garden layout & buildings and western style architectural features, reconstructing the masterpiece in Qing Dynasty. Near 2 000 skillful artisans and craftsmen, literature and history experts, artists and sculptors took part in the construction.

Except the grand and magnificent imitated buildings, the New Summer Palace also offers some entertainment activities to showcase the culture and art of the Ming and Qing dynasties, over 30 daily performances are given in different places. Like the Emperor's Wedding Ceremony in Qing Dynasty which displays the humorous scene of the Emperor choosing imperial concubines on the wedding ceremony with credulous plots and exaggerating techniques, delicate backgrounds, and rich dresses. Other popular shows include the Emperor Ascending the Throne, the grand Qing Dynasty and so on.

The shopping street in the Old Summer Palace could also be imitated here, which was originally used to display the daily life of people for the emperors. Now the modeled street composes stores, hotels, restaurants. Just strolling around to have a special experience of the ancient dynasty and got some special handicraft or souvenirs.

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