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Zhuzhou, formerly Jianning, is a city in Hunan Province, China, southeast of Changsha beside the Xiangjiang River. It is part of the "ChangZhuTan Golden Triangle" (comprising the cities of Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan). The city has jurisdiction over 5 counties (Yanling, Chaling, Youxian, Liling, Zhuzhou) and four districts (Hetang, Lusong, Shifeng and Tianyuan, a high-tech industrial development zone), and covers an area of 11,420 km². Its current population is 3.65 million (last available statistics as at July 2004). Zhuzhou is located in a subtropical monsoon climate zone and with its abundant mineral and organic resources has one of the highest agricultural yields in Hunan Province.

Zhuzhou is a very important transportation junction in South China. The Beijing-Guangzhou railway, the Zhejiang-Jiangxi railway and the Hunan-Guizhou railway meet here, which makes Zhuzhou railway station one of the five special class passenger & goods transportation stations in China. There is a train passing by in average 3 minutes. Zhuzhou North Station is the biggest goods transportation marshalling station in South China, with 110 trains and more than 30 thousand passengers passing through every day.

Besides the comprehensive railway system, Zhuzhou is connected to the rest of the country by 106 National Highway, 320 National Highway, 211 Provincial Highway,the Beijing-Zhuhai expressway, the Shanghai-Ruili expressway, and three highways linking south Fujian, south Jiangxi and south Hunan Province.

Zhuzhou is 37 kilometers away from Changsha Huanghua International Airport. It takes about 30 minutes to drive to the airport by the Changsha-Zhuzhou Highway. Xiangjiang River runs through Zhuzhou, which makes it one of the eight harbours in Hunan Province.

Zhuzhou is the second largest city in Hunan Province, and it's an industrial city with four key industries are metallurgy, machine manufacture, chemicals and building materials. Zhuzhou became one of the eight key national-wide industrial cities in the 1st Five-Year-Plan. 4 out of 156 key projects were set up in Zhuzhou. Later on, more than 20 important factories were built in Zhuzhou. Zhuzhou's high-tech industrial development zone was approved by the State Council in December 1992 and was designated in a 35 km² area next to the Xiangjiang River.

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